A Beginners Guide to Wine


A Beginners Guide to Wine.



White wine is a type of wine that is usually made from white grapes. As we all know white wine has less body than red wine, that is red wine is heavier than white wine. White wine is very refreshing because of its lightness and is best served with light meals. White wine is best served in narrow glasses. Because of its refreshing nature, this kind of wine is nice to have during the summer. The best type of white wine (in my opinion) is Chardonnay, though there are other types.


This kind of wine is made or processed from a variety of dark coloured grapes. Most red wines are delicious and i would say, most of them are stronger when it comes to the alcohol effect compared to white wine. I say that with experience. Red wine comes in different flavours, strawberry flavour, cherry, mocha, raisin, raspberry, currant and many others. The different flavours depend on the grapes that were used to make the wine. The red colour is from the skin of the grapes. The process of making wine is the same but when it comes to red wine the major process involves other minor but very necessary processes like the extraction of colour and the flavour of the wine. Most red wines are balanced so to speak and this is because most of them go through the process of fining. There are also different types of red wine types of red wine, these include sweet red wines, dry red wines and semi sweet red wines. Red wine is best presented in a round or oval shaped wine glass that usually narrows at the top of the glass. Red wine, other than drinking is also used in some food recipes and goes exceptionally well with spaghetti bolognese and red meat in general.


Dessert wine is a very sweet type of wine. Its sweetness is mainly because the grapes used to make this kind of wine does not fully ferment. Some wine makers add brandy to stop the fermentation process. Dessert wine is not often taken during the main course because of its sweet character. Some people say that it is too sweet to accompany a main course. Dessert wines have very sweet aromas and usually have a great finish when it comes to the taste. The best dessert wine is the ice wine which is commonly produced in Germany.


This is the wine that usually has a high content of alcohol compared to other wines. The high alcohol content is due to the distillation process of the grapes. There are four common types of fortified wine, these are; the marsala wine, sherry wine, port wine and Madeira wine. Fortified wines are also known as desert wines.


Sparkling wine is a type of wine that has a frizzy taste and usually has bubbles. The common type of sparkling wine is champagne. Sparkling wines usually undergo more than one fermentation process to give the wine its distinctive fizz.


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