Shooter’s Sandwich

Shooter's Sandwich

Shooter's Sandwich for a Picnic

We all love a sandwich right? So quick and easy and flexible. The history of the Sandwich is shrouded in mystery.  Did the Earl of Sandwich add something between two slices of bread because he was in a hurry? Maybe… It’s a rumor that has been around for many years and has yet to be officially proven.


Famous sandwiches, to the extent a sandwich can be famous do exist.  From the Philly cheese steak of the US, through the BLT to the humble UK “Breakfast in a Bap”, sandwiches and their origins have their stories to tell.


Non more so than the “Shooter’s Sandwich”. Invented so ‘Cook’ could prepare it the night before a hunt, the Shooter’s Sandwich was the staple diet of many a hunter in Edwardian England.


Described as a “Portable Beef Wellington”, this sandwich works well for picnics today…


Serves: 2
Prep-time: 15 Minutes
Cook-time: 5-10 Minutes


Medium Saucepan
Frying Pan
Garlic Press
Sharp Knife
Tin Foil




Crusty Loaf
2 Steaks
500g of mushrooms
200g of Shallots
Salt and Black Pepper
Finely Grated Garlic
Dijon Mustard
Worcestershire Sauce



Cooking Instructions

The Shooter’s Sandwich can be adapted to suit your own taste.  Try adding your own herbs or your favourite cheese.


Cut off the top quarter of the loaf, hollow out the loaf and save the breadcrumbs


Finely dice the mushrooms and shallots


Put about 75g of butter into the pan and cook mushrooms and shallots until softened and reduced in size.


When done, season to your taste with salt and black pepper, finely grated garlic and Worcestershire sauce.


Season your steaks and in a red hot dry pan cook them till the pink side of medium


Without waiting or allowing to cool tuck the first one, dripping and hot, into the bottom of the hollow loaf


Add your hot mushroom mixture on top of the steak in the loaf

Now add your second steak on top of the mushrooms and smear Dijon mustard on the top steak and on the inside of the loaf lid

Now put the lid back on to the loaf


Wrap in tin foil and squash it all flat under a heavy cutting board and as many weights as you can find


Leave under the weight in a cool place but don’t refrigerate, for at least six hours or if possible overnight.



Remove the foil and enjoy!

I’m Heather, I hoped you enjoyed this recipe for a Shooter’s Sandwich. If you would like to make this yourself, you can
buy steaks online   from Westin Gourmet.


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