Holiday Cocktails

It’s party season! The festive period is all having a good time. It’s the middle of winter and the nights are dark, what better way of celebrating than with a tasty pick me up? The regular beverages are out, even the sherry’s made an appearance, but this is all a bit predictable. What you want are drinks that impress. Here’s a quick guide to a handful of crimbo cocktails that’ll really get the party started, bring on that Christmas spirit (in both senses of the word)!

Christmas Pudding

This is an easy one. It only takes three, yes three ingredients and all you need to do is put them in the same glass. One ounce of Drambuie, five ounces of Guinness and one ounce of Southern Comfort. Boom, a Christmas pud of the liquid variety. Make the glass of the nice bowl shaped red wine variety and you’re on your way.

Brandy Blazer (Blitzen)

The name of this bad boy isn’t Christmas themed, though it can be! Blazer becomes Blitzen and you’ve got a cocktail named after one of Santa’s reindeer that wasn’t Rudolph. It’s a tasty one too this. Go with an old fashioned glass to start with and mix in it a double shot of cognac, a sugar cube (a reindeer favourite), a twist of lemon and a twist of orange. Flambe the lot, which will look spectacular, mix with a bar spoon of lengthy proportions and then extinguish. Then all that is left is to strain it into a snifter. Tada!

Winter Martini

Classic. The Martini is a drink that will have people debating long into the Christmassy night about the best ways in which to serve it. This winter version is a treat for any seasonal celebration, make no mistake. Break out the shaker you’ve been dying to use all night and fill it about two thirds full with ice, two to three shots of cognac, a shot of apple schnapps and a pair of sugar syrup dashes. Shake it like a Polaroid picture and strain into a Martini glass, what else. For a final flourish garnish with a slice of apple. Lush.

Candy Cane Martini

If the previous variation of Martini isn’t going down with your guests as well as planned try this version, it’s sure to entice the sweet toothed reveller. You get to use the cocktail shaker again, yay! Mix one and a half ounces of vanilla vodka, half an ounce of peppermint schnapps and one ounce of club soda. Shake it! Then prepare your martini glass with a rim of crushed candy cane and, if you can get them, a single miniature candy cane hooked over the rim. Strain in the mix and you’ve got sweet heaven in a glass.

Christmas Sour

Good name this, and great for serving to the more ‘bah humbug’ of your guests. It’s easier to make two servings of this fellow, so bear that in mind when it comes to the serving. One ounce of sweet vermouth, three ounces of scotch, two ounces of cherry brandy, one ounce of fresh lemon juice and one egg white. Oh yeah, this is a heavyweight. Jam all that in the cocktail mixer and shake strenuously. Strain the mixture into two highball glasses garnished with sliced lemon threaded on a cocktail stick. Oh, I can almost taste it!

These five beverages are worth having a Christmas party for! Get your glad-rags on, the stockings hung, the mistletoe at the ready and your cocktail bar well stocked. This is going to be a Christmas to remember!

David James writes on food and drink for Find Me A Gift, specialists in quirky gifts for men and unique gifts for her for any occasion.

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