Christmas Placecards


Christmas Placecards

Christmas Placecards



Make Christmas dinner more inviting and exciting with a personalized touch for your guests and family. If you are planning to host a special feast, Christmas dinner placecards are a great way to add that personal touch. Here are some great ideas for inexpensive yet presentable placecards:


1. Look for some colorful paper to feed the printer. Key in the names of your guests with some cute designs from clip art or downloaded images from the internet. Set it in readable font style and size and have it printed. Fold them in half and stick them at the back of every chair. Use double sided tapes or you can tie your placards with ribbon.


2. If you have a large enough table to accommodate picture frames, then this place holder style is for you. Take time to search over social networks for each of your guests’ photos. The funnier, the better, but make sure the pictures are not offensive. Surprise them with their faces on top of the dinner table beside their plates. Have their photos printed, place it in the picture frame and put it at their designated seats.


3. Can’t find their pictures? Names on the picture frame will do. Don’t bother using your handwriting if you are not sure it is legible. Use stylish fonts you can find on your computer (or even download some new ones online!). Sprinkle in some color and graphics.


Christmas Placecards

Christmas Placecards

4. Good at baking? Why not make gingerbread cookies with your guests’ names on the tummy? The best thing is, after your guests find their seats, they can eat it up if they want to. Keep your eyes on the kids. The gingerbread man might end up eaten before the Christmas dinner.


5. Christmas stockings can also be used as place holders. If you have lots of stockings, you don’t have to hang them all over your house. Hang them on the back of every seat with the names of your guests glued on the stockings. Put some candies or gift certificates inside for a Christmas treat.




How to Save More on Materials

• Recycling is always the most cost–effective way to save on materials. Try to use old things you see inside your house. Cardboard, colorful paper, and glittering pens from your kids work great. Use up your savings for some sweet treats.


• Take advantage of the promo coupons you can find on the internet. Print them and take them to participating stores and shops to get discounts when purchasing your place holder materials. Christmas season is a time for giving and sharing. This is the best time for shops to give out discounts.


Christmas need not be extravagant. Even the simplest things bring out bright smiles that warm the heart. With these personalized Christmas dinner place holder ideas, expect a merrier feast. Your guest will appreciate your effort!

Photo credits: Gingerbread Decorating by Glenn Fleishman/flickr; Betsy’s Table by Scott Brenner/flickr


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