The Best Omelet Recipe

Omelet Recipe

The Best Omelet Recipe

I am a firm believer in varying the daily evening meal as much as possible. If your family consists of real meat and potato men, you should try to introduce new main courses into their dull lives, both for their health, and for the joy of different, exciting, delicious tastes.

For this reason, I try to have at least two seafood dinners each week, and at least two meatless main courses each week.  Hopefully, keeping the meat filled dinners down to three times a week will keep us heart healthy.

This omelet is so rich and hearty, that it easily satisfies as a main course. It is based on French cooking, and as we all know, the French, despite the fact that they eat very rich dishes, based on creams and sauces, are much thinner than Americans.  I believe this is because they can eat smaller portions because what they do eat is very flavorful and satisfying.


Mushroom Omelet With Cheese Sauce



1 cup of cream sauce                                                      2 ½ tbsps. Butter

1 cup of cream or milk                                                    1 tbsp. flour

½ cup grated Swiss cheese                                               3 eggs

½ lb. sliced, sauteed mushrooms                                      Salt and pepper

3 eggs


For the cream sauce, melt one tablespoon of butter in a saucepan until it is bubbly; add the flour and stir together briskly for about two minutes. Slowly add cream or milk, and whisk until smooth.


Stir all but two tablespoons of cheese into the cream sauce.  Mix half the mushrooms with half of the sauce in a saucepan and reheat just before making the omelet.

Beat the eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper for about 30 seconds. Melt a tablespoon of butter in an omelet pan and spread over the bottom of the pan. When the butter foam has subsided, pour in the eggs. Once eggs settled and firmed a bit, shake the pan over the fire, distributing the heat.  When eggs have coagulated some more, put the sauced mushrooms in the center and carefully fold the ends over. Tilt onto an oven proof serving plate. Spread the rest of the mushrooms and the rest of sauce on top and sprinkle with reserved two tablespoons of cheese.

Place omelet under broiler for a minute or two, until cheese is delicately browned. Serve omelet with a green salad and some good French bread.

This straightforward recipe can certainly make it easy to make a wonderful omelet everytime. The process is a breeze to follow and easy to master. However there are more ways to cook this simple dish. Take time to do a people search and look for the best chefs in your area that might be able to teach you.

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