Great Sunday Meals – Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Great Sunday Dinners

Great Sunday Dinners

Great Sunday Meals

“It’s Sunday, so it’s roast beef for dinner”. How many times have we said these words, or similar, to our families? Most of us have a fairly regular routine of meals with certain foods, or types of foods on certain days. Very often these are meal ideas which have been handed down from our parents and are perhaps recipes that they have taught us themselves.


Whilst these tried and trusted recipes may be delicious, the routine can also become dull and uninspiring and food is supposed to be about enjoyment and not simply nutritious. With an ever increasing amount of TV programmes now dedicated to cooking, it shouldn’t be hard to find some new recipes to try out on your family. Of course, not all of these will go down as well as you would have liked and it may be wise to have a few ‘back up’ frozen meals on hand in case of a disaster such as the case of the cook who misread the recipe and included a tablespoon of chilli powder instead of a teaspoon!


Family Foods

Generally speaking though, most of us will have an idea of the type of food that our families like. Those with teenagers will probably notice that they have more esoteric tastes and may be able to take more chances on new recipes with them. Very often this will be world cuisine with a wide range of flavours and spices. Some of us, perhaps more so in the colder winter months, prefer traditional British cooking. Even here though, there is plenty of scope to try out new ideas. An example of this may be that instead of having roast beef on a Sunday, why not try an alternative beef recipe such as beef wellington. Whilst adding variety to Sunday lunchtime, this new recipe will also satisfy those who enjoy traditional food and will provide a nutritious and tasty dish for all of the family and goes well followed on by a Victoria Sponge.



The rest of the week can also be used to experiment and find out what foods your family does and doesn’t enjoy. Even when having old favourites such as sausages, take the opportunity to try some of the new varieties of sausage that are available and don’t forget to vary the vegetables too. Instead of perhaps peas and carrots, why not try one of the long forgotten British vegetables such as turnips or swedes or alternatively, go continental and roast some courgettes and aubergines.


There are no hard and fast rules with cooking and whilst there are some things which seem to naturally go well together, new combinations can be tried which may surprise you. After all, who would have thought that scallops would be so delicious with black pudding? Although an unusual combination, someone must have decided to try it as an experiment and found out that they combined well together. Why not discover your own combinations and expand your family’s taste buds to newer and tastier things.


About the Guest Author:

Marian Keane is a lover of cooking. She loves cooking for her family and also loves experimenting in the kitchen too. 

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