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Lunch Ideas

Lunch Ideas


Take to Work Lunch Ideas


It can always be a trial to figure out what to do about lunch at the office. It is also a rather important concern for many, especially as so many contemporary office workers skip breakfast (not a particularly healthy practice, I hasten to add). The crux of the matter for many is whether to buy food or to bring it from home in some shape or form (and this choice is generally decided by what leftovers are available, laziness or a combination of the two). However, with these five handy and, for the most part, healthy lunch ideas, you needn’t waste precious minutes agonising over what you want to do.



  • Leftovers

A popular lunchtime staple for many, leftovers can, of course, be pretty much anything. Leftover pasta is a particularly popular option as it can reheated at the office (provided your office is equipped with a microwave of course). Additionally many a tasty wrap or salad has been made with leftover meat and other morsels from the previous night’s main meal.



  •  Sandwiches

The classic lunch, and one still favoured by office workers across the globe. There’s an almost infinite variety of different sandwiches you can make, and it’s not only the fillings that you can switch up. Indeed, many health conscious sandwich eaters believe that white bread is not your best option, instead preferring the likes of brown bread or even rye. If you’re lucky, a selection of sandwiches – and even other delicious baked goods – might be delivered to your London office space on a daily basis.



  •  Pizza

Again this depends on your work’s cooking facilities (unless you’re a fan of it cold), but pizza every once in a while can make a nice change at lunchtime. Alternatively, you can go and get some pizza from a takeaway yourself on your lunch break, or even order to to be delivered straight to the office if you’re feeling extra cheeky. Tasty as it is, try not to make a habit of it; pizza is definitely one of the less healthy options on this list (although if you make it yourself.



  •  Bento

Coming from the Japanese word for lunch box, bento have become an increasingly popular lunchtime phenomenon the world over. Although traditionally filled with Japanese food (and please note that sushi is something you should definitely not attempt to make at home without proper training), compartmentalised bento boxes can be filled with anything from fruit, vegetables, pasta, rice, meat or even miniature sandwiches and cakes.



Mark Johnson is a big bento fan, but can’t resist the odd sneaky lunchtime takeaway.

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