Turkey Leftovers

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Turkey Leftovers

Are you quickly running out of ideas for that mountain of leftover turkey lying dormant in containers in the fridge? This infographic by The Patchke Princess blog will help you demolish that mountain in six easy and delicious ways. It starts out excitingly with Turkey Salad with a Twist, follows it up with Turkey Soup with Stuffing Dumplings, the Gumbo Rah-Rah, Mushroom Turkey Burgers with Baked Zucchini, the Turkey Alfredo, and the zesty Spicy Turkey Corn Chowder. All recipes take leftover cooking to a whole new level, and focus all of its delicious energies into creating something new instead of dumping leftover turkey shreds into random sauces or open sandwiches. You can even try all of them in one sitting, as a six course meal! You will never tire of the turkey, as the recipes have tasty flavor combinations that will tickle and intrigue rather than bore your taste buds!

Source: ThePatchkePrincess.com

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