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Kitchen Tools Cleaning Guide

How many times have you said to yourself ‘Kitchen works is too hard for me’ or ‘I cannot clean it because I don’t want to’. Of course you will have to clean your kitchen eventually, and what better place to start then the kitchen tools themselves. There are all kinds of crazy cooking tools, but in this guide we are going to talk about the most common kitchen tools, and how to clean them properly.


As we all know, the microwave is one of the most used kitchen devices available to the general public. The easiest way to clean your microwave oven is to keep it clean from the start, although if you did that you wouldn’t be reading this guide at all. Unfortunately, once a layer of grime has been formed, it is quite difficult to get rid of it and achieve complete microwave oven sterilization. Thus in order to secure sanitation we must insert two moistened paper towels and run the microwave for about 3-5 minutes. The water vapor will loosen up the filth, allowing you to remove the grime manually; either by using the same paper towels you used for the ‘de-griming’ or a pair of fresh ones, whatever makes you happy.


This contraption holds a whole lot of trickery and deceit, and it is very well integrated into the business of ‘smoke and mirrors’. Outside it might look innocent and docile, but once those blades start spinning, brother you are in for a surprise.

This delicate instrument is best handled by resolvable and dedicated individuals only! Start by adding about half-a-cup of warm water. Add to the mixture a dash of soap and blend. Blend for around 5 minutes before you empty the solution (empty, not drink!) and repeat for another 3-4 times. Saturated stains are best handled manually. If you blender is not one of those ‘take it apart’ kind of blenders, you can always use a toothbrush soaked in soap. Rinse and you are all set!

Cast-Iron Pan

I have been a big fan of cast-iron pans ever since I graduated from collage. My life-long dream has always been to become a Chinese cook of some sort; just so I can use cast-iron pans as much as I possibly can. During my experience with these marvels of human ingenuity, I have come to realize that they should not, under any circumstances, be treated with detergents or be scrubbed with a hard, abrasive scrubber. There is a special saturated layer of oil you see, and once that’s gone the ‘non-sticking’ abilities of the cast-iron pan would be ruined forever.

Salt is perhaps the best way to clean your cast-iron pan, without damaging its mighty surface. Just sprinkle a dash of salt and with a paper towel, give the surface of your pan a nice going over. Know that salt is famous for soaking up grease, so don’t forget to apply some cooking oil to the pan after you are done cleaning it.


Ah, our good friend the toaster! What makes the toaster so special is that we rely on browned bred almost every morning, at least I know I am. So cleaning the toaster should be your number one priority, so I am here to tell you the exact/best way to clean it without having it catch on fire or anything like that.

Start by plugging the toaster OFF before you proceed any further. You can either go outside for this next part or spread some newspapers on the ground. Turn your already turned off toaster upside down and give it the shaking of a lifetime. I mean it, shake until your arms get tired! After you have gotten all of the bread crumbs out of there, proceed to clean the exterior of your toaster with a moistened rag. For extra safety, you can even go over your toaster with a 3% bleach solution. Remember to dry your toaster before plugging it back into the grid.


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