Decorate Your Baked Goods for Gift Giving

Decorate Your Baked Goods Boxes


5 Ways to Decorate your Baked Goods for Gift Giving

5 Ways to Decorate your Baked Goods for Gift Giving

Baked goods are always appreciated during gift-giving events, whether it be a holiday, birthday or baby shower. You can make a gift of baked goods even more personal and impress the recipient by trying one of these baked good decorating ideas.


Bakery Boxes

If you want to make homemade baked goods look like they came straight from a professional bakery, consider purchasing a bakery box. A bakery box is a cardboard box with a clear cellophane window on the lid. To personalize the box, use product labels with pictures and messages to the recipient. Mock bakery product labels are a cute and inventive way to dress up a plain bakery box.



Cupcake Wrappers

Gourmet cupcakes are popular right now, and you can give cupcakes a personal touch by designing and printing your own cupcake labels.

First, bake cupcakes as you normally would. As these wrappers are added after baking, you can also purchase cupcakes from a local bakery to save time. Using a simple template found online, add your product label to your cupcake by printing the cupcake wrapper and shaping it to fit your cupcakes. This is an easy, fun way to dress up your baked goods with any design and wording you would like.



Canning Jars

Giving dry ingredients for a baked good in a new canning jar with a recipe attached seems to have grown in popularity, especially as a Christmas gift. If you know the recipient well, choose a recipe that you know fits their tastes in particular. Decorate the lid of the jar with some pretty material in the recipient’s favorite color, and affix a product label to the jar containing the recipe for the baked good. This is a great, time-saving gift to give when you have a long list of people to buy gifts for.



Gift Baskets

A high-quality basket is the perfect container for a variety of baked goods. Make batches of several different kinds of baked goods, and mix and match to make a professionally put-together gift basket. Line the bottom of the basket with fabric to add color. Once you are done arranging your baked goods, wrap the entire basket in colored cellophane and affix a product label that lists the contents and the recipient’s name.



Do-It-Yourself Decoration Kits

This idea is particularly appealing to children or families. First, you will need a container such as a bakery box, a basket or a decorative tin. Bake plain sugar cookies that you have cut into shapes associated with the event, and let the cookies cool down. Wrap the cookies tightly in plastic to keep them from getting stale. Place the cookies in the container with unopened food products used to decorate cookies such as a can of icing and various types and colors of sprinkles. To finish the gift, print out a product label that gives the recipient instructions on how to use the ingredients to make a decorative cookie. Once you’re finished, you’ve made a fun, do-it-yourself cookie decorating kit!



Edible gifts always go over well, but giving someone a plastic container with baked goods inside can be boring. To add a personal touch to baked goods you are giving as a gift, decorate the packaging to give a professional and fun look.



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