There is a snack food that is all-meat and is taking Britain by storm.  The South African snack known as Biltong is rapidly invading the shores of Britain. It has often been compared to that of beef jerky, and in many ways is similar though it is made with different ingredients and the preparation differs slightly.



The reason why people are jumping on the Biltong bandwagon is the fact that it is a much healthier alternative to many other snacks. We can now say goodbye to crisps, chocolate, peanuts and pork scratchings, then say a big hello to Biltong that is very high in protein and carries barely any fat. This makes it an ideal snack for those of us who are trying to watch our weight, in fact more than that, it can actually aid any exercise that we take, you will find that many top athletes in fact choose this food for their snacks throughout the day.
Biltongs Healthy Benefits!
If athletes are choosing this as their snack food, there is definitely something they know, they are well aware of some of the excellent health benefits this meaty snack can bring us.



Superb Source Of Protein – Whether you are simply trying to shed a few pounds or attempting to build up some muscles, Biltong can supply your body with excellent amounts of the protein it needs to achieve this. It is a completely safe snack that doesn’t contain any carcinogenic ingredients too, so as long as you only eat a couple of handfuls a week, you will not be adding to your fat levels.




Super Low Content Of Carbohydrates – It is often stated that one of the main reasons people put on weight is down to consuming too many carbohydrates. There are no such problems with Biltong then, this snack food harbors very low amounts of them, and however it still manages to deliver more than enough of the energy that your body requires.



No Chemicals Used In Biltong – There are a lot of meat products on the market that are actually quite hazardous to our health due to them containing a lot of chemicals. They may contain chemicals in the form of additives, preservatives and artificial colors. Biltong on the other hand contains none of these; in fact the only ingredients used in the production of biltong are vinegar, meat, pepper, sugar and some salt and coriander.




Grab It In Pubs And Supermarkets! – Biltong can be found in pubs all across the nation, as it is seen as an excellent accompaniment to a refreshing and cold pint of beer. As it is so much healthier than traditional pub snacks it has become an immense favorite for visitors to the pub just about everywhere. It is also stocked in most of the country’s leading supermarkets, the supermarkets are always quick to stock something that is taking the country by storm, and biltong is no exception. It can also be bought direct from the manufacturers too, especially if you run your own shop, pub or business that could easily sell on the healthy yet amazingly tasty meat snack.




Biltong is now actually manufactured directly in this country as EU laws prevent us from importing any meat products from South Africa, so it is now produced using only British meats using the same process and ingredients as the South Africans.


If you are looking to get hold of some biltong for your pub, you will need to locate a  Biltong distributor, then before long, all of your customers will be enjoying that all meaty taste.

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