Installing A Smoke Detector : Steps You Should Follow


Installing A Smoke Detector


According to experts, most fires which result in a lot of damage, injuries or casualties occur in places where smoke detectors are absent. Negligence sometimes results in a lot of damage and sorrow. Even fire safety departments and organizations believe that smoke detectors and alarms are quite necessary for prevention of deaths from any sort of fires. In fact, smoke detectors are a must in office buildings which are usually huge with some areas like storage or cleaning rooms that may go unnoticed for long hours. Fire department and other related organizations also make sure to hold seminars and tutorials in order to enlighten people about the importance of smoke detectors.


Installing Smoke Detectors


1) Once you are able to find carbon monoxide or smoke detectors from a good brand, you should make sure that you install them high on the walls. Ceilings are usually the best option. You should install smoke detectors away from any windows or exterior doors. Smoke usually fills a room with smoke. It first goes upward and then starts to fill the room downward. Installing smoke detectors high on the walls will make sure that you are notified early on.



2) Carbon monoxide is usually evenly distributed in a room when there is any kind of fire. Installing an alarm means that you have to keep it clean and out of reach of pets or children.



3) Smoke detectors should be installed on every different level of your home or building. Make sure that you fix them near your sleeping area. Smoke detectors should necessarily be placed in areas of your house which are prone to fire, like a furnace or gas connections. Areas associated with steam in the house are bathrooms, kitchen and laundry. Fix detectors some distance away from these places and not in the rooms itself.



4) Once you have fixed and installed smoke detectors, you should remember a few things about their maintenance. You should regularly test the detectors for battery or other problems. Pushing the test button on the detector should make a loud noise. If there is no noise, you should check if the batteries are working fine.



5) The batteries of any smoke detector have to be changed twice every year. In order to check that the new batteries installed correctly and are working fine, you should test the detector as soon as you change batteries.



6) Most of the smoke detectors contain a special chemical. This chemical helps in the detection of smoke at the time of a fire. Check this chemical whenever you check the batteries. Remember to replenish it if you feel that the amount is low. Without this chemical, your smoke detector will not work as it is supposed to be. It is quite easy to find carbon monoxide detectors in the market at a reasonable price. You can even order online if you want to. Just make sure that you buy a smoke detector from a trustworthy and reliable brand, so that your smoke detector works fine in times of emergency.




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