A Clean Kitchen

Clean Kitchen

Keep Your Clean Kitchen

Let’s face it; keeping the kitchen clean can be quite expensive. Washing up liquid, surface sprays and antibacterial wipes, don’t come cheap – but there are ways to clear up on a budget.

Here are five money-saving tips that should make your life easier.


Cut dish cloths in half
With the economy in crisis, it’s important to save money wherever you can – so cut dishcloths, Brillo Pads and other cleaning wipes in half. This will make them last longer and will ensure your kitchen gets cleaned, without wasting money. If you’re washing up greasy utensils, soak them in very hot water first before wiping them. This will stop the cloth you use from becoming congealed in fat and will help it last longer. Remember, don’t pour large quantities of oil down the drain, or you might end up making a claim on your plumbing and draining insurance.


Make the most of baking soda
Do you enjoy cooking up sweet treats such as cakes? If so, you’ve probably got a pot of baking soda lying around. This wonderful product is a great all-round cleaner and can work wonders when combined with a few millilitres of water. Not only does it remove grease and dirt from most work surfaces, but it can remove tannin stains from tea and coffee. If your kitchen drains are blocked it can also be combined with white vinegar to create a decent drain cleaner – so why not give it a go?


Get fruity with lemon juice
If you’re having a dinner party, use lemon juice to clean your cutlery. This fantastic fruit cuts through grease and can leave stainless steel looking fresh and sparkly. It’s also a cheap and cheerful surface cleaner and can bring dull-looking work surfaces back to life. Both fresh and bottled juice will do the trick, but use sparingly as a little goes a long way. If your sink’s getting a little smelly, you can even mix some juice with warm water and use it as a deodoriser.


Use a drop of alcohol
Water stains can be stubborn and hard to remove, but a drop of alcohol could help. If you don’t have any lying around, use white vinegar as a replacement. This will do the job and should leave your taps, work surfaces and drying board looking as good as new. If you don’t like the smell of these products, don’t be afraid to go over them with lemon juice as this will fill your kitchen with a sweet odour. Alternatively, do some baking and get everyone’s mouth-watering with one of your favourite meals. Here’s a recipe for banana loaf that leaves a fantastic smell every time you make it.]


Don’t overuse the bleach
Need to clean the kitchen floor? Then don’t overuse the bleach. A drop or two will do the trick, so avoid throwing in half the bottle. If you’re in a rush it can be easy to use too much product, but this won’t do you any favours in the long-run. The same applies to washing up liquid, oven cleaner, polish and such like, as you’ll end up spending a fortune if you’re not careful.


Keeping your kitchen clean is a good way to fight germs, so try these money-saving tips and spruce up your abode.

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