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Most people have one fail-safe dinner party dish that they return to again and again. Whether it’s a spaghetti Bolognese that your friends and family rave about, or that birthday sponge with the buttercream that’s just so good, that one dish works because you’ve carefully perfected it over time.  But if your fail safe dish is toast, or your reading this worried that you’re without a dinner party spectacle, there’s no need to panic, there are courses up and down the country where you can learn from an expert and find that one thing that you can truly perfect – take note!


Sushi Making

The thing about sushi is that it just looks impressive, and if you’re a kitchen klutz, you’ll also be pleased to note that it requires no cooking! You can take a sushi making course at Yo! Sushi and learn how to make four different types. Swig on sake, and get into the Japanese mood by learning how to use a rolling mat. You’ll even be given a short chat on the history of sushi so that you can dazzle your guests with the facts whilst they nibble on your canapés.


Cheese Making

Cheese Making

Who doesn’t love cheese? If you want a snack that you can nibble on whilst swigging back wine, spread over your chips or improve the taste of everything with, cheese is where it’s at. At Denbies Wine Estate in Woking, you can learn every stage of cheese making from separating out the curds and whey to putting the cheese in moulds to set.


With experts guiding you, there’s nothing that could possibly go wrong. After you’ve made your cheese, you’ll need a tipple to go alongside it. Guests are then invited into the winery to learn the art of wine making and sample a selection of in-house wines with an expert. In between courses, you’ll be able to have a tasty lunch of local produce, and you’ll begin the day with Danish pastries.



Italian Cuisine

Italian Cuisine Under The Guidance of Giancarlo Caldesi

If you feel like throwing yourself in at the deep end and cooking an Italian feast, then where better to learn than under the guidance of renowned chef, Giancarlo Caldesi? You’ll learn how to make some Tuscan favourites, such as hunter’s roast or his signature lasagne. He’ll also have you creating a number of side dishes so that your table is always full. The side dishes depend on the season and the vegetables available. You’ll then get to enjoy your meal over a glass of Italian wine, and catch up with fellow students. Bellissimo!       


Learn How to Make a Cocktail


Cocktail Making with Hugo from Made in Chelsea

If there’s still no hope for you in the kitchen, then you can always resort to cocktails. Hugo, from Made in Chelsea, is often seen sipping on the coolest cocktails, and he also knows a bit about their preparation. This experience will give you the chance to hang out with a celeb, even if it doesn’t improve your cocktail making skills. Taking part in the Chelsea crew’s favourite pub, The Phene, owned by Lucy Watson’s dad, you’ll be taught to make cocktails under the guidance of an expert mixologist. You’ll then get the opportunity to catch up with Hugo over his experience in the jungle – and all the latest from SW3.


With so many different courses available, there’s no reason that you should still be having kitchen calamities! So grab your friends together, and take a course that not only teaches you a vital new skill, but guarantees a great day out.


Emily Collins loves to cook and can often be found trying out new recipes.


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