Beginning Steps to Start Your Kitchen Renovation

Rennovating Your Kitchen

Beginning Steps to Start Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen occupies a prominent role when compared to other rooms in the home. It is a place for cooking favourite and tasty dishes. It is essential to renovate a kitchen as you spend much of time in cooking and dining with your family. It adds a charming look to the home. Remodelling is necessary to keep the kitchen environment clean and healthy.


  • Smart plan: before starting your kitchen renovation make a proper plan.
    • Research online to find the best home improvement stores or buy remodelling magazines to select the type of remodelling required.
    • Based on the style of your home select an effective design.
    • Hire a designer to select the best innovative style.
    • Purchase the necessary cabinets, appliance, flooring, sink, paint, lightings etc.
    • Hire a contractor. Electrician, plumber, HVAC contractors are needed for making home improvements.


    • Necessary steps: Before starting the remodelling process
      • Firstly, remove cabinet doors by unscrewing them
      • Then remove the doorway and window trim.
      • Switch off the power and then remove necessary appliances and light fixtures.
      • Recycle old appliances


      • Electrical installations: Find out the areas where improvements are necessary. There may be different types of electrical jobs required such as
        • Cabinet lighting
        • Wirings
        • Holdings of refrigerators
        • Replacing the switches etc.


        • Painting: select the brighter colour that enhances your kitchen look. Before painting repair the wall holes with mud or smooth sand.


        • Green building materials: There is a great demand for green building materials.
          • Cork floors: These are made from tree bark. This adds a new look to the room
          • Bamboo flooring: Prefer bamboos floors that are free from formaldehyde.
          • Recycled carpeting: This carpentry is made from recycle beverages. They last longer compared to nylon carpets.
          • Linoleum flooring: this is made from natural materials like linseed oil, renewable wood, limestone and jute etc. These floors are stain resistant and biodegradable.
          • Wood flooring: This flooring offers long life which is made from renewable resources. These floors are resilient and harder than oak.


          • Cabinets: wall cabinets and floor cabinets are the prominent kitchen cabinets. Make sure that the you purchase the qualified installers. Placing the cabinet requires time and patience. Hire a carpenter to get your work done.


            Countertops: select the best tile design that enhances your kitchen look. It may be ceramic tile, granite, marble. There are also man made materials like siltstone, Formica, Corian. So find out the popular store to fabricate your countertop. Level the tiles properly.


          • Sinks and fixtures: after fixing the countertops set the sinks in the appropriate position. Make sure that the sink faucets, handles; fixtures are fixed in a proper manner.


          • Lightings: lighting plays a key role in renovating the kitchen. Paint the walls with light colours that will give an elegant look to the room. Cabinet lighting enhances dull environment. Prefer xenon lamps rather halogen lamps. Because xenon lamps are cooler and doesn’t produce much heat.

Prepare a list of necessary materials needed to renovate your kitchen. Plan a budget and make sure that includes all the delivery and installation charges. If you don’t have sufficient money to pay for all the necessary items consider taking a bad debt loan that offer quick cash.

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