8 Tips For Renovating Your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling

If your kitchen is too small or if it is simply not a functional space then you should think about renovating. The kitchen really is one of the most important rooms in the house as you spend the majority of your time there, both preparing meals and spending time with the family. It is usually the hub of the family home and the center space when entertaining. You need a kitchen that you love spending time in, where you have great working appliances, like a great Westinghouse fridge, and it is comfortable, cozy and suits your lifestyle. When doing any renovations consider how it affects your home insurance and whether you need to have it updated.

Bench space

Every kitchen needs plenty of bench space so you have lots of room to prepare meals and room for your family and friends to come together. It is usually the kitchen where guests sit and enjoy a cup of coffee during the day if they pop in for a visit and where the family will congregate in the evenings to share the events of their day. Having enough bench space where you can lay out all your platters when entertaining is also convenient and it is nice to have the room for the kids to either do their homework at the bench or your partner to sit and read the paper while you are cooking the evening meal.

Energy efficient appliances

If you are renovating your kitchen you might want to consider buying new appliances. Choose those that have a higher energy saving rating and you will help make your kitchen more environmentally friendly. White goods will have a sticker on them with a star rating which will tell you how energy efficient they are. The more stars the better it is, so don’t forget to check out the sticker before you buy.


You need a kitchen with plenty of storage space. Have special drawers fitted that will comfortably hold your pots and pans, your plastic containers and if you have the space put in a walk in pantry. You can be clever with your storage systems and create a lot of extra space.


Most importantly you need your kitchen to be functional. Have it set up so that the stove, the bench and the fridge are creating a triangle shape between where they are located in the kitchen. This will mean that you can easily walk from one area to the other and makes it quicker and easier when preparing meals.


Make your kitchen lighter by putting in bigger windows or install a skylight above the kitchen area. You won’t have to rely on your electric light during the day, which will save electricity, but it will

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