Ice Cream – The Best Dessert Ever

Home Made Ice Cream

Home Made Ice Cream


Home Made Ice Cream


Everyone has their own personal favorite dessert they pull out on special occasions. And even if you’re not celebrating anything in particular, they can be the perfect way to end off any meal. Or if you’re just sitting on the couch watching television, they make the perfect snack. Some desserts like apple pie and chocolate cake are commonly mentioned when it comes to favorites. You’ll also find huge legions of fans for cheesecake or an expertly prepared crème brûlée. But when you break it down to the basics and take an overall look at every dessert available, there’s one clear choice that comes out as the best. Ice cream is the absolute best dessert ever created, and it’s not hard to see why. You might not be convinced right now, but here are some reasons that might change your mind.

It goes with everything – what other dessert is so multi-purpose? It’s not like you can serve Angel food cake with a slice of pumpkin pie. Ice cream on the other hand, goes with almost everything else. In fact, we dare you to name one dessert that isn’t made better with ice cream on the side. You can also combine different flavors together to form a unique taste that other desserts simply can’t achieve.

It doesn’t cost a lot – you might be thinking to yourself “hey wait a minute, a carton of premium ice cream costs $10!”. While that might seem expensive, think about how much other desserts cost in comparison. In the overall picture, ice cream is actually pretty cheap, especially considering the high quality of premium brands.

It’s portable – have you ever tried taking a key lime pie to the beach? How about going for a walk while eating chocolate mousse? With ice cream, there’s nothing better than loading it into a waffle cone and taking it wherever you go. It’s the type of food you can enjoy on the go, and that something no other dessert can offer.

It makes Summer come to life – what would a summer season be without a trip to your local ice cream shop? Ice cream offers a special kind of coolness combined with sweetness that is highlighted by the best season of the year. It’s a valuable part of family memories, and what says summer more than the sound of the ice cream man and his truck? When you hear his familiar song ringing through the neighborhood, you know the summer season is in full effect.

You can make it Yourself – sure you can put together grandma’s Apple pie recipe or bake a decadent cheesecake. But just think about how much work that takes. A lot of times, it’s a lot easier to just buy a baked good at the store. Ice cream on the other hand is something that you can put together easily as long as you have the right machine. Making a custard is as simple as cooking a few ingredients and then letting it cool. When you have your basic mixture, just pour it into your ice cream maker and you’ll be good to go in about half an hour. And while your ice cream churns, it’s the perfect opportunity for your family to gather around and add treats like chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows, or fresh fruit.

Despite being centuries old, there are new flavors coming out every year. But rather than buying them at a store, you can do it yourself with the right ice cream maker.




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