Ice Cream Pie

Ice Cream Pie

Mint Ice Cream Pie

A Taste of Summer Ice Cream Pie

Summer is fast approaching and as the temperature rises, we are all searching for ways to cool down. While there’s always the swimming pool, fans, and freeze pops, a Taste of Summer Ice Cream Pie is a simple and sinful way to bring the inner thermostat down. It makes a wonderful addition to any table whether it’s family night, a child’s birthday party, or a barbecue. The best part about a Taste of Summer Ice Cream Pie is that anyone can alter the recipe to their personal tastes. The possibilities are endless for this divine, sweet treat.




Ice-Cream Flavors

A good place to begin is to choose the flavor or flavors of ice cream for the pie. Once again, this can be one flavor and you can keep it simple or you can layer all those favorites. Imagine a Mudslide with chocolate and coffee ice cream or go with the classic combination of peanutbutter and chocolate. A peanut butter and jelly pie might have strawberry or raspberry ice cream with peanutbutter ice cream as well as peanut butter sauce. Try a layer of mint with a layer of chocolate. It is completely up to you or possibly the guest of honor.




Next, it’s time for the crust. You can go the easy way and buy ready-made chocolate crust or graham cracker crust.



Ice Cream

Set your ice cream out for at least five minutes before to make it soft enough to work with. Now it’s time to layer on the ice cream. You can get really creative by blending in toppings as well. A layer of hot fudge sauce, strawberry sauce, butterscotch, or marshmallow can be spread on top of the first layer of ice cream. Sprinkles, nuts, or crushed cookies could be next followed by more ice cream. Repeat the process with more toppings.


Think about drizzling the top with a combination. A turtle ice cream pie would have chocolate and caramel drizzled over the top.




Whip Cream

Whip cream is the next in line and once again, you can keep this simple by buying whipped cream or you can do a simple, recipe at home in which you use your heavy cream, vanilla, and sugar to taste. Beat your ingredients and your done. Add that layer of whipped cream on top and freeze for one approach or wait until later and add your whipped cream last when ready to serve in order to have a fluffy dream on top. You can always make it a hot fudge sundae ice cream pie, use all of the typical ingredients, and add your cherry last. This treat is cool and refreshing, but most of all it’s really fun.




Quick and easy is ideal as well when you don’t want to spend much time in the kitchen during a heat wave. If you’re having a large gathering, consider making several Taste of Summer Ice Cream Pies with different flavors.




It’s also loads of fun at a children’s birthday party to let them help build the pies.



Once all of the ingredients have been added, place them in the freezer until they set and they are ready to serve.




If you really want to make your own crust, all you need is

1 1/2 cups of crushed graham crackers

1/3 cup of melted butter

1/4  cup of sugar


Combine the graham crackers and sugar first then add the butter.

Press the ingredients into the bottom of a pie pan that has not been greased. A 9″ pan is ideal.

It should then be chilled in the refrigerator for a half hour or can be baked in the oven at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes until slight browning has occurred.




Let it cool well before adding the ice cream. If you want it to be a chocolate crust, use the chocolate graham crackers. You can also made it extra sweet with crushed chocolate sandwich cookies.



Free Homemade Ice Cream Recipe Cards 


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