Like everyone else, I love to be able to get the last piece of everything, unless I am too full.

But how to go about it without being rude or a bit demanding? Here are great tips to get what you want without seeming obnoxious.


Get the Last Bite of That Cake

Get the Last Bite of That Cake

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Tip 1 – The serve up

The scenario: You and your friend have ordered takeaway, it might be pizza, it might be Chinese, it is definitely something that will be shared out.


Sounds like a good plan.


The food arrives and you ordered crispy duck and pancakes, absolutely heaven! But how will you get more duck than your friend without looking greedy?


Easy! What you have to understand is human nature often gets a bad rep because of all the torture and killing in the world, but more often than not (especially if your friend isn’t a psychopath serial killer) people are courteous and good hosts. So why not let your friend serve up?


It sounds risky and you will have to judge the situation and your friends carefully. They might be just as greedy as you are and will take that as their opportunity to get the majority of the bird. In which case you might want to reconsider your circle of friends.


But most of the time, purely out of fear to be accused of being self-serving and greedy, they will automatically give you more.



Not only have you gotten the bigger portion but you also let someone else do it for you. This is definitely win win.


Tip 2 – Stay ahead of the game

Scenario: There is an odd number of chicken wings and an even number of people…


In these situations, stay focused, it might just be a casual occasion, but it is easy to lose perspective. This should never ever happen when food is involved.


So when the menu hasn’t specifically mentioned how many pieces of chicken wings they will serve, anxiously await the arrival. Quickly scan the plate and count.


Identify the situation, play by the rules. If it is an even number, great! You can share it out, if not, we have a culinary problem…


Solution: Eat FASTER


This is a very easy solution, depending on the speed of your opponents eating. You must match that and speed up by about 1.5, allowing you both to finish your wings at the same time to discover that there are 2 left and share them out. SCORE, you had the extra wing!



Tip 3 -The non-sharer

Ever had the misfortune to be friends with someone who constantly wants to try everything you eat?


Just like the chip tax that partners lay claim on. They don’t order a side because that will be too much but happily munch away ¾ of your food and you are left disgruntled and hungry. If you say anything you are described as “petty” and “typical only child” and also to “stop making a scene, people are looking at us!”


In these situations, bite the bullet, there is nothing you can do about the chip tax. Just order more.


But what about other kinds of sharing situations, when it isn’t your partner but a friend, who doesn’t take a small bite but considerably more. What to do? You don’t want to look like a non-sharing greedy git.


Solution: Divert and distract!


When your friend asks to have a bite or taste of your grub, say “Sure, I will leave you some at the end!”


Your friend will mostly be pacified and leave you alone to continue to eat.


And then… nothing, you just eat the lot and while doing so, engage them in a discussion, let them talk while you eat away. They will be so absorbed in their own story that they will not realise that there will be little left of your food.


This not only gets you out of the non-sharing issue, but also makes you look generous at the beginning. If your friend realises what just happened, play dumb, tell them you completely forgot! This works like a charm.


With these handy tips, you never have to go hungry again and still keep your generous and friendly persona!



Lia is a serious food politician and blogger for Lords of Notting Hill, who sell a variety of homeware as well as great outdoor products like the Weber BBQ. These are top quality and ideal for any summer party.

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