Easy Ways to Cook Better Homemade Meals


Easy Ways to Cook Better



Food is supposed to be delicious. These days we want good food and demand quality. But eating out every night is not always an option. And eating at home without a gourmet chef nearby can turn your taste buds from happy to crappy.

Imagine your plate full of fresh flavors and intense textures. It is possible to have a restaurant experience in your own personal kitchen. Here are easy steps to turn your kitchen into a flavor feast.


Add Spices

Your taste buds will jolt alive with a little enhanced flavor. Adding spices such as cayenne pepper will help any any bland dish be bolder. Don’t overwhelm your dish with too many dashes of spice, simple sprinkle a little on the vegetables or meat and you have a tasty treat. Tasty tip: Chili powder is a great additional to bean and casseroles.


Cook with Ginger

Spicy, aromatic and pungent, ginger knows how to pack a flavor punch. Adding ginger to dishes will give each a little kick in the mouth. Ginger is a natural root that can be found at most local markets. Ginger naturally calms the belly and relaxes the intestinal tract. Tasty tip: Add dried ginger to chicken or marinades and you have instant ump added to your dish.


Mix in Curry

Traditionally an Indian dish, curry can be mild to extremely spicy. When curry is mixed with rice or chicken it adds a bold layered flavor that brings out more of the complete textures. When it is prepared correctly it is low fat and low calories. Tasty tip: If you want to turn your boring dish into a flavor party add a dash of curry.


Add Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is more than just a little friend of jelly. It makes a great bold flavor impact when added to main dishes, such as chicken or steamed vegetables.  Smear a little dab on before you bake your main dish, and the final outcome will be a delicious flavorful layered dish. Tasty tip: The peanut butter is naturally high in protein and its smooth texture ads a richness to your meat and vegetables.

Eating boring old recipes will never be the same when you add in a little flavor. These tricks are used by some of the top chiefs in the world. A little dash of this and pinch of that will help your meals go along way. Enjoy the process of creating in the kitchen.




Shannon Kaiser is a health and wellness writer for many online and print publications. For more health tips visit TenderCare Dental, a Dentist in Tigard, OR.






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