Romantic Valentine’s Food Ideas

Romance is in the air as Valentine’s Day rolls around once again. If the notion of sitting in a crowded restaurant isn’t quite your idea of romance, self-catering motivated by the love in your heart is the perfect way to say ‘I love you.’ Here are five Valentine’s Day ideas that will make your homemade dinner for two special.


Forget the calories, enjoy yourself and don’t forget dessert this Valentine’s Day.


Valentine's Fondue

Valentine's Fondue


Feeding the object of your desire can be sensual, presenting fondue as a fun and appealing experience. A fondue of cheeses accompanied by crudités and chunks of crusty bread from the bakery is a savoury option. Fondue comprised of bite-sized pieces of beef or seafood dipped into a melting pot of indulgent sauce is also scrumptious.


Sweet fondues consist of smooth melted chocolate, cream and perhaps with a hint of liqueur to add another flavour dimension. Include strawberries, bananas, kiwis, pound cake and shortbread cookies for dipping. Pop open a bottle of champagne to accompany and you will have a romantic dining experience ahead.


Another hand feeding menu can be composed of platters bearing elegant nibbles. Oysters Rockefeller could grace one serving plate.

A cheese board with a compliment of cheeses becomes another appetizing palette.


Include three cheeses of differing styles: a hard cheese, such as aged Gouda or Comte, a soft cheese such as Delice de Bourgogne, and a blue cheese such as Gorgonzola, Stilton or Roquefort.


Add an array of colourful and exotic fruits such as grapes, figs, Bosc pears and apricots.


Complete the arrangement with selections of crackers or crisp breads.


Chocolate truffles are the perfect ending to this tantalizing tidbit buffet.



If you envision a more traditional repast, pasta dressed decadent Alfredo sauce and studded with tender morsels of lobster brings the romance of Italy to your table. Lobster is made affordable when only purchasing for two. Because it is dispersed throughout this heavy entrée you can get away with simply purchasing a pair of lobster tails.


Shrimp scampi with its dripping garlicky butter nectar served atop a bed of bow tie pasta is an elegant alternative.


All you will need to accompany either of these rich entrées is a salad, some fresh Italian bread, the champagne libation and, of course, dessert.



Valentine Food Ideas[/caption]

Filet mignon is another affordable luxury when serving only two. Expensive luxury foods will make the love of your life feel pampered as you lavish their palates with such epicurean delicacies.


Filet mignon can be made extra special when topped with a sautéed medley of wild mushrooms in a cognac pan sauce, or when crowned with a creamy and delectable blue cheese sauce.


Serve this steak with homemade French fries and you have a classic French bistro meal.


All you need to add to the menu is a crisp salad, the sparkling champagne and a sinfully rich and decadent dessert.


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