Dogs and Holidays

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Dog’s Point Of View Of Christmas

That time of year is coming again – when humans come together in large groups and the house is filled with delicious foods and smells. All the humans sit at a great big table and eat and eat until no one can move. I would gladly do the same except that I am not allowed at the table. I am the family dog and I always watch this event from the ground. The humans call it Christmas.



Last year was different from most Christmas’. Usually I parole the kitchen area but get yelled at to get out. I can’t help that the delicious smells drive my senses insane. During this time I am ignored except for when I am being yelled at to get out of the way. I hate Christmas until the food begins to move from the kitchen to the room with the big table. Then it’s show time.



When the humans move to the room with the big table I try to follow without being seen. This is easy since everyone is busy yelling at the big box in the living room or preoccupied with the turkey. At just the right moment I make a dash for underneath the table. The big blankets they put on the table on this day help make it easier to hide.



I’ve suffered a few bumps and bruises from swinging feet, but I have managed to collect bits and pieces of their Christmas dinner. More often I get lucky at the kid’s table. Plenty of pudgy hands offer me food I find quite delicious – until the moms find out and order my accomplices to “Eat your vegetables!”



But like I said earlier, this last Christmas was really different. In fact, I’m hoping this next one is just like it. I don’t know why but my humans paid a lot of attention to me than they usually do. Earlier in the day, one of my humans took me for a long walk. When we got back, they presented me with a brand new bone and chew toy! I was so tired from the long walk and the bone was so doggone good that I didn’t even care about the smells coming from the kitchen. This bone was much more my style.



When the humans moved to the room with the big table, I thought I might do my usual rounds. Just then my owner served up a special meal for me with fancy dog food I’d never had before. It was like my own Christmas meal. I got great food and never even got yelled at or kicked underneath the table. I can only hope they remember to do the same this year.


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