Teenagers Mealtime

Teens Eating Healthier


Teenagers and Mealtime

It’s a familiar story in households across the country. Teens are busy with school, work or that all-important social life, and they find it tricky to fit three square meals into their busy schedules.


According to this study breakfast seems to be most popular to miss, with 52% of teens skipping it altogether, compared to just 3% for dinner. Perhaps mum’s cooking really is as good as everyone says, but 5 out of ten are still happy to replace their dinner with fast food and takeaways too. That’s pretty grim reading.



And, terrible as they are at sticking to regular mealtimes, the nation’s teenagers are more often than not happy to just raid the fridge whenever they come in, night and day.

Unsurprisingly, this can often lead to less than healthy eating habits. A mix of cold cuts, leftover takeaways and pieces of cheese don’t always lead to a well balanced meal…



Robert Stone is a freelancer writer and graphic designer whose interests include food, healthy eating and coming up with tasty low fat recipes.


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