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Feasting in Florida


It’s almost impossible to underestimate the importance of taking a holiday as often as possible, because the lives we lead nowadays are far more hectic than they used to be. An opportunity to relax and recharge the batteries of life is often too good to ignore, whether it’s a short city break or two weeks in a sun-kissed resort.


One of the most popular vacation destinations of all is Florida, on the south-east tip of mainland USA. Thanks to a stunning climate, some of the world’s very best theme parks and an amazing array of attractions, stores, restaurants and bars, it continues to attract millions of tourists from all over the world on an annual basis.


As well as offering plenty to see and do, Florida also provides some of the finest cuisine to be found anywhere in the United States. With restaurants featuring delicacies from all over the world, there is also an excellent selection of establishments that offer tourists the chance to sample some of the local delicacies.


Needless to say, the sea provides much of the bounty. The Sunshine State, as it’s known, is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the west, so it’s easy to see why many dishes feature succulent lobster, juicy shrimps and tasty crabs. Fish is also prominent, with a variety of species being utilized in local signature dishes.


In the USA, meat-based meals are many and varied, and this is also the case in Florida. As well as the chain restaurants that offer such delights as steak, burgers and hot dogs, you will also find hundreds or family-run establishments that offer home-cooked delights at extremely reasonable prices.


PancakesThroughout the state, and in the larger towns and cities in particular, you’ll find diners and restaurants that tempt you with dishes influenced by the Cuban community. Some of the more notable offerings will include spicy meat and fish preparations, so be prepared to join in and to tantalize your taste buds.




For visitors from Europe, it’s perhaps important to be aware of portion sizes while in Florida. In general, a meal in an American restaurant will be substantially larger than a similar offering in France, Germany or the UK. Many people find the quantity of the food defeats them, but there’s no need to feel as though you are insulting the locals; they will understand if you can’t finish the whole dish.


Because driving in the Sunshine State is so easy, many people choose to hire a car and travel around. It can be great fun to explore the sights and sounds of this wonderful place, and of course when you get hungry you can always stop for refuelling!


David Rice is a food writer from the UK and a regular visitor to the United States. Thanks to a  cheap car hire Florida deal he found on the web, he will be visiting the Sunshine State in a month’s time.  Florida car hire  is surprisingly affordable, so he thinks many more people will visit in the coming year.

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