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Children love to be helpful in the kitchen and they are very young toddlers it is hard to find projects that they can do themselves without being burned, cut, or harmed. That is why as a grandmother I love Jell-O. Jell-O is a very good substance for your toddlers to work with because they will not get hurt making it and they can have lots of fun in the process.
Bill Cosby set the pace when he showed how much fun children have eating Jell-O but in order to add to this fun you should let your toddlers make the Jell-O. I have two granddaughters age two and four years of age who constantly want to help me cook. I solved that problem with Jell-O!


Let your toddler pour the Jell-O in a mixing bowl with a handle, and then you add the hot water but let the toddler stir it with a plastic spoon. After the Jell-O has dissolved, let the toddler add the cup of cold water. Show your toddler the measuring line that says one cup. After this has been stirred for a bit, let the second little one stir the Jell-O for a while. Include all children in the stirring process this makes them feel very important.


I have Jell-O cups that are different colors so the girls select the cups that they want to put their Jell-O in. Wait! This is not the fun part! What better way to get your toddler to eat fruit than to add it into the Jell-O cups. I usually have fresh strawberries, blueberries, and peaches or pears chopped up into small pieces. The girls help me with the fruit by washing it under the water and sorting out the pieces. They have to separate the fruit by color or type we make a Kitchen Game of it in order to teach them about colors, fruit, and numbers.


Then I will tell the younger toddler she may have three pieces of each fruit. This may be the highest number some little ones can count to. When my granddaughter was very young, she knew the name of the fruits but not the colors. This comes with practice, and what better way to practice than eating fruit! The older girl picks out about six pieces of fruit but she can mix the fruit if she likes or she can put all of one kind in a cup.


We only but small bits of fruits into the Jell-O cups because we also have mini-marshmallows to add to the Jell-O cups. I try to get the colored marshmallows so the girls can tell me the colors and count their marshmallows. This does not take very long but it is a fun way to let your toddlers do their own cooking. I taught my own children how to make Jell-O when they were young so of course they expected me to teach the grandchildren.


1- Box of any flavor Jell-O that you like
1-Cup hot water
1-Cup cold water
Mini-marshmallows colored preferred
Two or three kinds of fresh fruit

Let the toddler pour the Jell-O into the bowl you add the hot water.

Let the toddlers stir until the Jell-O is dissolved.

Let the toddler pour in the cup of cold-water try to let all toddlers in the kitchen stir at least once or twice.

Next have your fruit prepared and in baggies, so the toddlers can select the fruit they want.

Let them tell you the type of fruit, the color of the fruit and count out the pieces.

When fruit and marshmallows are placed in the cups then pour the Jell-O over the top and refrigerate until it sets.

Afterwards children can have fun eating their Jell-O and fruits.

You might even want to include story time with the Jell-O.




This guest post was written by freelance writer Victoria. She is a stay at home mom and is currently working on a project with
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  1. Great idea!!! I like teaching colors this way.

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