Tips for Decorating a White Flocked Christmas Tree

Snow Christmas tree

Tips for Decorating a White Flocked Christmas Tree

Christmas tree flocking first became popular during the 1940s. Back then stores sold Christmas tree flocking kits that families could buy to give their Christmas trees the look of being covered in snow. Today, it is usually more common for people that are interested in a flocked Christmas tree to purchase one that already has the flocking applied to it. Decorating a white flocked Christmas tree really isn’t that much different than decorating a regular green Christmas tree. There are some tips you can use, however, that can help give your flocked Christmas tree a more polished look.


  • Choose a color theme for your white flocked Christmas tree. Although the Christmas tree ornaments you normally use can still make a nice showing, many people find that a white flocked Christmas tree generally looks better when there is only one or two colors used on the tree. Consider unusual colors, such as purple, yellow or pink to really make the ornaments on the tree stand out against the white flocking.


  • Coordinate the color of your Christmas tree lights with the color of your decorations. If you are using only one color of tree ornaments, you may find that white Christmas lights work best since they won’t make the tree look too “busy” and distract from the color of the ornaments. If you are using an assortment of colors for the ornaments, avoid using multicolor lights and instead consider single colored lights that are red, blue, or perhaps gold. These colors pair well with a white flocked Christmas tree and actually make the “snow” glow with the color of the lights.


  • String the Christmas lights through the Christmas tree by laying them across the part of the branch that is closest to the center of the tree. Since the Christmas tree is white, lights near the center of the tree will illuminate the flock and glow through the branches of the tree. If you are using two or more color schemes, you may wish to place one color of lights towards the center of the tree and a second color on the outer part of the branches. This gives the Christmas tree a more dimensional look.


  • Consider adding bows or ribbon to the branches of the Christmas tree. Cloth bows or ribbon can give a Christmas tree a more traditional appearance. Select bows or ribbon that are the same color as your Christmas tree ornaments or choose a color that compliments them. Tie the bows on the tips of the branches, at different intervals around the tree. Use the cloth ribbon as garland to wrap around the tree, starting at the top and working down to the bottom. It is usually best to avoid using both bows and ribbons at the same time, however, as this can detract from the beauty of your Christmas ornaments.


  • Complete the look of your white flocked Christmas tree by adding a tree skirt that matches either the Christmas ornaments or the color of the lights on the tree. If you are using blue Christmas lights, you will find that a blue skirt under the tree will visually pull the look together. You can also achieve this same pulled together look by using a tree skirt that matches the color of the Christmas lights as well.



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