Five Reasons Why Cupcakes Are Better Than Big Cakes

Why Cupcakes are better than Cakes

Most of us share this weird inexplicable love-hate relationship with food. This rings more true when it comes to cakes. The rainbows and unicorns part of your soul can never get enough of them, while the grim calorie-counting part make you run in exactly the opposite direction. However, cupcakes come as sweet respite and a whole lot of happiness stuffed into a little package. If you haven’t already tried cupcakes, for whatever unfathomable reasons, we give you five reasons why they’re better than cakes…



1)   Realistically sized!

For all those amateur or lazy bakers, who love the idea of making their own cake but cannot imagine going through the trouble of the whole baking process, cupcakes are the perfect solution! Unlike the big slabs of cakes, cupcakes are less to zero intimidating. Moreover, whether you’re in a hurry or need to treat yourself to a quick-fix, cupcakes barely take about 30 minutes to get ready.



2)   Less messy

Smaller sizes mean lesser portions of individual ingredients and lesser portions of individual ingredients mean lesser chances of the whole thing blowing up in your face. In addition, serving cupcakes is super-easy and clean too. You don’t need extra plates and silverware to gorge on cupcakes. Plus, there are no residues left, either on the napkins or on the utensils, so cleaning up and starting over is an attainable objective.



3)   Less money

Again, small portions, small quantities, small buys, small money. Therefore, by implied logic, you spend far less money even on a batch of dozen cupcakes, than you would on one big cake. Moreover, you can easily shuffle between ingredients and also use more budget-friendly alternatives. You can even cook up something from the ingredients you already have at home, like a hot chocolate cupcake, or a coconut and coffee cupcake. Don’t be afraid to experiment with two completely different flavors. It’s a cupcake; it won’t turn into a nuclear disaster.



4)   More variety

The trouble with big cakes is that you have to maintain consistency with just tried and tested flavors, especially if you’re treating a lot of guests. Experimenting in such a case is quite a bleak possibility, because risking your own stomach’s life is okay, not so much for the guests. This does limit your creativity and experimenting powers. With cupcakes, you get to go small-scale. You can easily mix dark chocolate with cherry coke, lime with coconut or mint with strawberry. This makes the learning process a lot quicker, and it won’t be long before you can officially call yourself a cupcake specialist. Also, if you’re hosting a party or gifting someone, you can easily make personalized cupcakes catering to individual tastes and likes.



5)   Diet-friendly

This is nothing but a respite for all those guilty eaters. The major concept of any diet is, to eat in small portions, whatever it may be. A major concept of most fad-diets, however, is also to stay off the sweets. And let’s face it, no matter how much you convince yourself that you’ll just have a sliver of that big cake, it never quite stays at that. It makes you first go crazy on the cake, then on the treadmill. However, small bite-sized cupcakes allow you to let go for a bit, and savor the heavenly experience that it is, without actually making yourself feel like you just committed a crime. So, you get full satisfaction at the same time eat in control. Now most people may say that calories are calories and you’re still eating them, size irrespective. But hey, at least you feel better at the end. That does count, doesn’t it?

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Today’s guest author James Peters is a chef at Smiley Cakes. Amongst the many different cakes that they prepare the Perth cupcake variety is most liked by customers. An affable character, he likes to indulge in his many hobbies during spare time.

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