Truly Awesome Home Style Chocolate Chip Cookie

I am not a big fan of store bought preboxed cookies. But these Kroger brand cookies were awesome. They texture was crunchy and they had plenty of chocolate chips. The box suggests heating them. I can’t say that I like them any better that way, but they were still great tasting.

I really didn’t expect that these private label cookies would be better than a national brand, but they were without a doubt.

The pacakaging was excellant also. The packaging for these cookies reminds me of “premium” branded cookie products like Kashi cookies – a cardboard box with two plastic containers covered in a foil-like material to preserve freshness – 12 cookies per box which may not sound like many but it’s probably good there aren’t too many because you’ll eat them all pretty quickly.

Ingredients – The package claims that no preservatives were used and that adds to the plus side of the Truly Awesome Home Style Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Price – A good price. This week at my Kroger’s store there were on sale for $2.50. You could buy a box of many more cookies for the same price or less – or get a better cost per cookie but they are likely going to be lower quality.


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