Flour Crust Baked Chicken

Baked Chicken


This recipe is adapted from one of the most classic Jamie Oliver recipes. It is incredibly unique and I seriously doubt you have ever baked chicken in the same way before.

The idea of this recipe is not so much to bake the chicken but to ‘steam’ it using the same baking processes.

It is perfect for serving up with a whole bunch of greens for a nice Sunday lunch, but it is also simple enough to cook mid-week if you have a large amount to kill, trust me, the results that you will be greeted with will be more than worth it.


  • 2lb Plain Flour
  • 2 Lemons
  • 2 Handfuls of Sage (Fresh)
  • 1 Handful of Thyme (Fresh)
  • 8 Cloves of Garlic
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 2kg Chicken


You can make a number of individual portions. I have seen some variations of this recipe use spring chickens instead; you should be able to coat four different ones using this particular recipe. Don’t forget to adjust the cooking time accordingly.


Start by putting all of your flour in a large mixing bowl.

Get 18fl oz of water and pour it win slowly whilst you are mixing up the flour.


After a little bit of mixing you should hopefully end up with dough that isn’t too sticky.


Cover it up and it is time to begin work on the chicken.


Get a pestle and mortar and bash up the sage with your thyme and garlic.


Add around 8 tablespoons of olive oil and season it well.


Remember, salt and pepper help bring out the taste of this particular dish.

You will now be left with a rather delicious marinade. I like to keep a nice bit of this to the side on occasion, it tastes great with a whole host of meats, but I digress.  It’s time to get your hands dirty and rub this marinade all of the chicken.


What some people like to do is stick a slice of lemon inside the chicken’s cavity, I tend to skip this but feel free to do whatever you like!

Turn on the oven and get it up to 220c/425f or gas mark 7. Whilst the oven is warming up roll out the dough to around ¼ inch thick, then roll it around the chicken so the ‘parcel’ is completely airtight.

Give the dough a while to settle, will take around five minutes. Then put in the oven for around 2 hours, the problem you have here is that you will be unable to exactly see when the chicken is cooked, if you use a 2kg chicken like I mentioned before then it will take 2 hours.


When cooking is complete you can take the chicken out of the oven. Leave it to rest for around fifteen minutes. After the chicken has rested crack open the crust and take the chicken out. You will find that it is incredibly juicy and succulent.


You may even be so lucky to have a bit of gravy in the bottom of the pastry. Carve up the chicken like normal and dish it up. As I mentioned before, this dish goes particularly well with boiled greens.

Just one final remark, you do not eat the pastry, you can throw that away if you wish or just admire it thinking that it helped create one of the most beautiful meals you have ever tasted!



This recipe is provided by Sharon Hunter, more baked chicken recipes you can find at https://www.ovenbakedchicken.org/ and follow updates on Google + page.

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