Healthy Super Bowl Treats

  Healthy Super Bowl Food   Top 10 Most Popular Super Bowl Foods and What Their Nutrition Labels Really Say About Them The Super Bowl is an eating event for millions of Americans, with parties across the country serving up snacks that are often grease laden and artery clogging. The food labels of the 10… [Read More]

Tasty Dip Recipes

  Super Bowl is the most watched serial on television and fans all over the world go frenzy for it. Food and watching super bowl are just synonymous to one another. Watching super bowl for me is not my passion as I’m not a NFL football kind of girl, but for some reason I happen… [Read More]

SuperBowl Treats

Superbowl Foods – Indianapolis Style With the upcoming Superbowl, many have already started planning their game-day parties. Not me though, because I’m actually going to the Superbowl! It’s being held in my hometown of Indianapolis, so I picked up a one-day catering gig to ensure myself a ticket to one of the biggest sporting events… [Read More]