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Delivery On a Dime: Sandwiches


Delilvery on a Dime: Sandwiches


Saving Money with Sandwiches


If you think that takeout is too expensive, you should take a look at some of the more inexpensive options. Purchasing sandwiches instead of entrees can help you to save a lot of money when ordering delivery, and you will still get a filling and tasty meal. Although sandwiches are already cheaper than entrees at most restaurants, you can often get them for even better deals if you follow a few simple tips.


Consider Splitting

Many sandwiches from delivery services are extremely large, which can result in leftovers that never get eaten or a bulging waistline. You can save money by buying one sandwich and sharing it with a spouse or friend. If you need more food, you can order an extra side dish, which is usually less than half the cost of purchasing an additional sandwich.

If you are dining alone, you can still stretch your sandwich and your money by packing half of your sandwich away for the next day’s lunch. Save it in the office refrigerator and enjoy a carefree meal tomorrow.



Make Your Own Side Dish

If you have a bag of frozen french fries in your freezer, you can shave a few bucks off of your delivery bill by cooking those instead of ordering more. By baking them in the oven, you can easily prepare them without much fuss and with only one dirty pan, and you will save money on your order.  Simply pop them in the oven when you place your order, and they should be ready by the time the deliveryman shows up at your door. Onion rings or tater tots go well with sandwiches too.



Order an Early Dinner

Many restaurants offer generous lunch-sized portions for highly discounted rates, and you can sometimes get these prices until late in the afternoon — sometimes as late as 4:00 PM. Order in advance and get your supper for a far less expensive price than if you order off of the dinner menu.



Look For Deals

Senior citizens or military families can often get a discount when ordering sandwiches from a restaurant, so make sure to inquire about any discounts before placing your order. Hop online and take a look at the restaurant’s menu to see if they are offering other discounts. You can also save money by checking out coupon websites. Many of these offer steep discounts that change on a regular basis.



Skip Expensive Toppings

If you ask for extra meat, cheese or toppings on your sandwich, you will often be charged individually for each item, and these prices often add up very quickly. You will save money by sticking to the basics when ordering a sandwich, and you will often save calories as well.


Sandwiches really are a great option when you are looking to cut costs on a meal from a delivery service, and they are usually much healthier than other options on the menu. Before resorting to your usual entree when ordering take-out, take a look at the sandwich menu for ideas.



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