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Tips for Painting Your Kitchen

How To Paint Your Kitchen

How To Paint Your Kitchen

Great Tips On How To Paint Your Kitchen


Sometimes you are just plain bored of the house and need some change in house, expensive renovation is not the only option. Try repainting your walls; it will give a total facelift to your house. Sometimes your kitchen looks shabby because of worn cabinets or chipping walls. A simple paint on walls and cabinets can give a fresh look and you need not worry about replacing the cabinets and getting furniture.




Provided your kitchen cabinets are structurally sound, a new, fresh coat of paint can be enough to reinvigorate your kitchen’s sense of style without breaking your family budget. Below are a few helpful tips to get you on your quest toward a bright new look for your kitchen area!




The Color

Choosing colors for painting can be a real fun part. You should always try sample coats on the wall itself and judge which one to go for. Interior designers and painters often use a color wheel to determine complementary colors. When combined, the basic or primary colors–blue, red and yellow–create secondary colors–green, orange and purple. Use the colors wisely to create a spacious and fresh look. Choose the wall colors in contrast with the cabinets color. So, if you have dark colored cabinets, select light color for walls and vice-versa.



The right finish 

Kitchen is most grime-collecting place in your home. Whether it’s a curry stain or smoky grill, the walls get dirty quickly in comparison to other rooms.  Kitchen paints absolutely need to be washable and stain-resistant. Semi-gloss and gloss paints are also recommended due to their durability and shine. You can also choose eggshell finishes which are excellent due to superior stain resistance and washability.




Specially designed paints

For long-lasting effects, you need to consider the steam and moisture problem in kitchen. Therefore choose the paints designed especially to address this problem. Also, you need to prime the area to be painted.



Highlight Areas

Consider highlighting some areas in kitchen, like a bay window or area behind the gas stove or may be some cabinets. Stainless steel appliances offer a modern look and allow for a variety of color choices that easily combine. But avoid using an exceptionally dark paint color with black appliances, and opt for a color other than white if you have all white appliances.



Prior to getting started with the painting, remove all hardware from the cabinet drawers and doors. Remove the doors and drawers and move them to a garage or shed for painting. Protect surfaces adjacent to the cabinets, such as floors, walls or ceiling with the masking tape and drop cloths.



If you are repainting in roughly the same shade, a primer coat and two finish coats ought to do it. You might even get away with one coat over an under body primer. But painting over a dark finish with a light color is tougher. It could take a primer and three finish coats. Even so, it’s a small price to pay for a kitchen that will look almost new.



With paint being the cheapest tool for makeover, use it wisely to reflect your lifestyle. More importantly it is kitchen which is heart of the house. If the colors are too distracting you might not want to cook food and in opposite case, it would be a pleasant place to prepare meals.



Yogesh Mankani is a copywriter in a advertising agency. He is also a guest blogger who writes for led lights manufacturer  from Boston.


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