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Top Five Tips for Cooking a Romantic Meal at Home

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Cooking a Romantic Meal At Home



With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a romantic meal for two is sure to be one of the most popular activities for couples everywhere. Needless to say, February 14 is actually the busiest night of the year for many restaurants so if you want to avoid the crowds and inflated prices and impress your partner at the same time, then rustling up a meal for two at home is bound to hit the right notes.

Even if your cooking skills are not quite Michelin-starred standard, you can still impress with some simple ideas. Here are some simple tips to get you on the right track to cooking up a storm:
Cook something you both like

This may sound like an obvious one, but so often people try to impress by cooking a fancy recipe out of a book because it looks posh, without bearing in mind what their other half actually enjoys. If he or she loves pizza for example, then you can make a fancy homemade version with the base cut into the shape of a heart, or with a romantic message spelled out in the topping. The food might not be gourmet but the presentation will certainly make an impression and choosing your partner’s favourite food will always be a winner.

Add a flourish to the drinks
A bottle of champagne may be standard fayre on Valentine’s Day, but try sprucing it up by turning it into a champagne cocktail or adding fresh strawberries to the bottom of the glass. Turning a bog standard glass of champagne into an impressive cocktail is surprisingly simple too. Add a sugar cube, a couple of splashed of bitters and a drop of cognac and you have a Classic Champagne Cocktail.

Presentation is everything
You can cook the fanciest grub in the world but if it’s slopped on the plate and served on a TV dinner tray then it won’t be the most memorable. Make sure you clear up, lay the table nicely and add some small touches like rose petals scattered around and some candles to help set the mood.

Practice makes perfect
Don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure by deciding to attempt a complex dish which you’ve never made before, try and sneak in some practice sessions before the day itself or just make something you are familiar with cooking. If you are really keen to impress, chef experience days and cookery classes are available to arm you with some professional skills to transfer to your kitchen at home.

Make sure you have the house to yourselves
If you’ve got children or housemates, then getting to spend some alone time with just the two of you can often be difficult. But try to make some arrangements to ensure that you get an undisturbed evening while you present your masterpiece in home cooking. Get in there early to book a babysitter, call on family to look after your children or bribe your housemates to go out for the evening. However you manage it, your romantic meal will be a winner if you’ve got the house to yourselves.

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