The Health Benefits Of Eating Raw Food

Eating Raw Food

The Benefits Of Eating Raw Food You have probably heard about the Raw Food Diet. There are a lot of different variations on the Raw Food Diet depending upon the person advocating it. The basic and common feature of most raw food diets is that they all advocate eating food in their natural state –… [Read More]

Teenagers Mealtime

  Teenagers and Mealtime It’s a familiar story in households across the country. Teens are busy with school, work or that all-important social life, and they find it tricky to fit three square meals into their busy schedules.   According to this study breakfast seems to be most popular to miss, with 52% of teens… [Read More]

Is Cookie Dough Safe to Eat?

  There’s nothing quite as exciting as a stolen bite of cookie dough fresh from the mixing bowl, but virtually everyone has heard the lecture about the dangers of raw cookie dough just as that delicious morsel hits the back of the throat. Is there any real danger in eating this delicious treat on occasion?… [Read More]