Perfect Salmon

Pefect Salmon Tips To Cook Salmon Fish Perfectly In Few Minutes There are many people around me who are just fond of eating Salmon and cannot think about anything else when having an option of sea-food. As a matter of fact, Salmon is very difficult to cook. Unless and until it is perfectly cooked, the… [Read More]

Tuna Steak

  Grilled Tuna Steak   Summer is fast approaching which, for those with a passion for food, is always something of a mixed blessing. The fine weather is great for encouraging people to get together to engage in some outdoor dining, however, this can often mean you’ll find yourself attending BBQ after BBQ where the… [Read More]

Baked Salmon

  Baked Smoked Salmon and Roasted Vegetables This recipe is simple and quick and is also nice and healthy option for anyone watching those calories. This has become one of my favourite dishes as its so adaptable and always comes out tasting great.     What you need   Salmon Fillet (I prefer it partly… [Read More]