3 Easy Winter Warmer Cupcake Recipes


3 Easy Cupcake Recipes If you’ve been meaning to bake some winter treats but think that you’re too late to the party, think again! Just because the holiday season has been and gone doesn’t mean that the cold snap is over, and we’re certainly in for some chilly weather for a while yet! So this… [Read More]

Baby Cakes – Extra Special Cupcakes


Fudgy Cupcakes Baby Cakes are cupcakes designed for dessert.  Emphasis is on taste, not design and fancy decorations are not necessary though they should be attractive enough to serve at a dinner party. We first made these from scratch, little chocolate cupcakes with coconut added and served in a caramel sauce.  The recipe follows.  But… [Read More]

Five Reasons Why Cupcakes Are Better Than Big Cakes

Why Cupcakes are better than Cakes Most of us share this weird inexplicable love-hate relationship with food. This rings more true when it comes to cakes. The rainbows and unicorns part of your soul can never get enough of them, while the grim calorie-counting part make you run in exactly the opposite direction. However, cupcakes… [Read More]