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Healthy Cooking Methods

Healthy Cooking Methods

Cooking Healthy

4 Healthy Cooking Methods – Start Eating Healthier Today

As we get further into the 21st century, more and more people are becoming conscious of what they eat and how they cook it. Their desire to become fit and healthy is at the top of their list of goals, and the ways that they cook their meals is of great importance.


Maybe you count yourself amongst these people? You have decided that the old ways of dining that we are constantly warned about, such as fast food and processed goods, are not very beneficial to your long term health, and you are now on a mission to do something about it.


If this is the case, then you will almost certainly be concerned about healthy cooking methods, as just because the food that you are cooking is healthy and nutritious, doesn’t mean that the cooking method is. Things such as deep frying, shallow frying, microwaving, and a host of other methods, may have their uses in certain situations, but are not suitable for healthy cooking on a day to day basis.


The great news is that there are many different healthy cooking methods for you to use, that are not very hard to implement, and with a little bit of practice you will have these methods down to an exact science. Even if you are not a great cook!


Here are 4 healthy cooking methods to serve you and your family with tasty and wholesome meals time after time:




When you think of baking, a couple of the first things that come to mind are cakes and bread. While baking is a very good way to cook these kinds of foods, it is also a healthy cooking method to prepare meat, fish and vegetables.


Not only is it very healthy, but it is also extremely simple, as all you need to do is put the food in a baking dish and pop it in the oven. This is a very good way to cook chicken breast, and you can avoid the chicken becoming too dry by buying one of the many available cooking bags, that lock in the moisture.




This is another of the healthy cooking methods that you can use, especially with meat. Simply start to brown the meat in a pan for a few minutes, and then transfer it to something like a crock pot where water is added, so that you may cook the meat slowly.


After cooking, the water can then be included in a sauce or gravy, to add even more taste to your meal. This method of cooking is very simple and requires very little hard labor on your part, making it an excellent choice if you are busy with work or have other obligations that day.




One of the best foods to poach is eggs. Usually when you fry eggs, you have to use quite a lot of cooking oil that very often contains a lot of unnecessary ingredients. When you poach, all that is required is water, so that you can be sure that your eggs are 100% healthy and natural.


You can also use the poaching method for a variety of other foods, including meat and fish.




Grilling is without doubt one of the most popular healthy cooking methods, and a great way to prepare meat. The reason for this is because it gets rid of a lot of fat from the meat, making your meal more healthy.


There are lots of different grilling machines on the market, with the most famous being the George Foreman grill, that has sold millions worldwide and has been used to eliminate fat from meat by many satisfied customers.


You can also grill foods outside which makes it a very versatile form of cooking, especially if you have guests over on a regular basis during the summer.



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