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Tips to a Better Cookie

Better Cookies

Tips for Better Cookies


Have you ever wanted to make the perfect cookies? I know that I am constantly trying to get the best cookies that I can. I am usually not successful, but when I am, I am very glad that I worked so hard to get my perfect cookies. For me, when I get perfect cookies, my friends always want more of my cookies. When I am unsuccessful, no one really wants my cookies. And who could blame them? I have been striving to make a perfect cookie for as long as I can remember, and I think that I have found the secrets to success. Here are 8 rules to help you make the perfect cookie. 


1. Use the right amount of flour
Knowing how much flour is in a recipe is very important to baking cookies. You need to make sure that you use just the right amount. If you use too much, your cookies will be dry and very tough. If you don’t use enough, well, your cookies will be sad little lumps.


2. Cool the dough
I bet you’ve never heard of this little trick. If you chill the dough before you bake it, the dough will be softer and will keep it’s shape. This is perfect if you want to get the best shape for your cookies. You only have to wait for 15 minutes for the dough to be completely cooled. 


3. Use fresh ingredients
Make sure that all the stuff that you use for your cookies hasn’t expired. A lot of people don’t think to check their ingredients, but, it’s a pretty good idea to make sure that your ingredients haven’t expired. It will make your cookies taste a lot better. 


4. Soften butter right
Many people didn’t know that if you heat your butter in the microwave, it’s a good indication that your cookies won’t be too good. It’s better for the cookies (and you) if you soften your cookies by letting butter warm at room temperature. 


5. Under bake the cookies
If you want cookies that are tasty and moist, take your cookies 2-3 minutes before they should be done. Everyone will wonder how your cookies are so soft. You don’t have to tell them the secret though!


6. Extra vanilla
Adding more vanilla will make your cookies even better than you could think! Don’t worry, it won’t take away from the flavor of the cookies, it will just make it even better!


7. Add milk
You wouldn’t expect this, but if you add a tablespoon of milk to your cookie dough, it will make your cookies very soft! People won’t be able to stay away from them!


8. Use the right pan
Make sure to use the right pan to bake your cookies. The right pan will allow your cookies to cook completely and let them stay soft and yummy!



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