Love Camping But Tired Of Eating Just Beans?

byrev / Pixabay

Campfire Ideas Whether setting up tent in deluxe campsite or heading off into the wilderness with nothing but a backpack and a camping stove, campers face many of the same problems when it comes to meal times. Food for camping needs to be convenient but nutritious and if you are doing lots of walking, it… [Read More]

Campfire Recipes

  Pepper Stew or Fajitas for the Campsite It’s easy to cook a healthy and non-processed meal even while camping.  Ingredients in this recipe are easily portable and don’t require exact measurements.  All of the ingredients pull double duty, so you can choose between fajitas or a stew. Equipment: For this recipe, you’ll need a… [Read More]

Baked Bean Casserole

  As the dish’s name implies the common way to make baked beans is in a casserole bowl or a cast iron skillet and baked. However, it is not unusual to stew them on top of the stove.   Just about every region has its own way of doing it. The famous Boston baked beans usually use a… [Read More]