Vanilla Bean Cakes

Vanilla Bean Cakes Every day is bake day at The Pantry.   We bake, we test, and we share the good stuff with our customers in the store.   Last Friday and Saturday, we made cakes using our Vanilla Bean Baby Cakes mixes and then topped them with fresh or frozen fruit, sauces, and flavored whipped… [Read More]

The World’s Best Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake Chocolate cake can be hard to get right. It’s either not chocolaty enough, or not moist enough, or has a strange texture, but not with this recipe. I’ve tried a lot of different chocolate cake recipes and this one has been developed to work every time. There’s a secret ingredient too, which is… [Read More]

How to make Torta Setteveli

Image Courtesy: How to make Torta Setteveli – the Seven Veils Cake   This cake is as beloved across the whole of Sicily as it is in Palermo villas. The seven veils refers to the seven strata of the cake, making this delightful treat a time consuming affair usually reserved for special occasions. And… [Read More]