Friday, April 20, 2022

Top 10 Must-Have BBQ Foods




Top 10 Must-Have BBQ Foods

With March throwing out some stunning weather and summer just over the horizon, you can’t be blamed for dusting off your BBQ early and stocking up your freezer with tempting meats.

But when it comes to hosting a BBQ, what foods do you feel are a must-have to making your BBQ a success? Below I have outlined my top 10, which I think you’ll agree with:



1. Beef burgers – the staple food of any BBQ, beef burgers are incredibly easy to put together plus offer you the opportunity to experiment with your fillings.

For instance, once you’ve grilled your burger, why not finish it off by adding a slab of cheese, tomato or salsa? Alternatively your can try mustard, BBQ sauce, chillies or whatever other sauce you can think of.



2. Salad – you cannot complete a burger without a little salad. Good foods to have are: tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce. Alternatively you can whip up a potato salad using coleslaw to make a tasty side.



3. Sausages/hot dogs – with so many types of sausages to choose from – pork, pork and leek, pork and apple, Cumberland and tomato, every one of them can offer you a different experience.



4. Chicken – now if you’re not a fan of red meats, chicken breasts and chicken legs can offer you an appetising alternative. Just remember to cook these all the way through as you don’t want guests leaving with food poisoning.



5. Corn on the cob – quickly grilled before being smothered in butter, these make a crunchy addition to your BBQ.



6. Steak – you might think steaks are only good for Sunday lunches, but cooked on a BBQ, they make a fab alternative to a beef burger.



7. Chips – you might not have to cook these on your BBQ, but chips really help to finish your meal, plus come in handy for cleaning up sauce drippings.



8. Ribs – if you don’t mind getting messy, then I recommend marinating these in spices, before throwing them on your BBQ.



9. Fillings – no burger is complete without some fillings. Now your preferences may be different to mine, and the lettuce and tomato from your salad may be enough. But if you’re looking for a little something extra you can try fried onions, peppers, pineapple, bacon or sliced courgettes.



10. Baked beans – you may think I’m mad for adding these to the top 10 but personally I think baked beans add the finishing touches to a BBQ as you can use them as a filling, dip your burger in them or simply have them as a side.



Like I said at the beginning, you may not agree with all of these, but I’m pretty sure most of these are on your shopping list whenever you plan to throw a BBQ.

And if they are not, why not give them a try and see what your guests and family have to say about your quality BBQ meat, great accompaniments, drinks and entertainment.