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Being a kid vegetarian is hard sometimes.  One time we forgot to tell my Grammy that we  are now vegetarians.    “Wait!! Grammy !  We can’t eat that!”  Paige and I screamed.  Luckily, she had sometime else for us to eat. 

What is a Vegetarian

When you are a vegetarian, you don’t eat any meat.  Our food comes from the ground.  We eat plants,  breads, pasta, vegetables, nuts and fruit.  One of my favorite meals is Boca Burgers. If you are really strict you won’t eat anything that comes from an animal like eggs or milk. I do eat milk and eggs.

There are different reasons why people become vegetarian.  Most people believe it’s a healthier way of living and it’s good for your heart.  Some people don’t think it’s right to eat animals.

Make Sure You Get Your Vitamins

When you are a kid it’s hard to be a vegetarian.  We can’t cook our own meals yet, so our family has to be doing it too or Mom has to cook 2 different meals.  Most Moms don’t like that.  Also our parents have to help us get the right vitamins since we don’t eat meat. 

Sometimes Its Hard Being a Vegetarian Kid

I guess the hardest time for me, being a vegetarian is eating at our school’s cafeteria.  I look everything over first then choose what I am eating.  Usually it will be a salad, some fruit, bread, and something that I can pick the meat off of, like a sub sandwich. 

Another hard time is a cookout or birthday parties.  When I go to a cookout, I bring my own veggie hot dogs.  They are made from vegetables and taste just like a regular hot dog.  Sometimes I will trick my friends and give them one of my hot dogs and they think they are eating a regular hotdog.  It’s fun.  When I go to a birthday party, I try to bring something along with me, in case the food has meat on  it.  But most birthday parties have cake and ice cream and I can eat that.

When we go out to eat I look at what my parents pick and if it has no meat in it I will try it.  If someone has something with meat that looks good I have to either pick the meat out or order something like it.  Chinese and Japanese restaurants are my favorite restaurants because they have a lot of vegetable only choices.

When other kids think that I can’t have good tasting foods I tell them I can eat macaroni and cheese, French fries, French toast, bean tacos and burritos, grilled cheese sandwiches, corn flakes, and many other things.


Thats it for now.  See You Next Time!

Brooklyn Renee

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