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Colorado Beer

Colorado Beer

Why Beer Enthusiasts Flock to Denver, Colorado

Beer enthusiasts have every reason in the world to flock to Denver, Colorado like moths to a flame. In 2007, Colorado surpassed California to become the top beer-producing state in America per capita with 115 breweries, and this beer lover’s paradise wears its badge of honor well. The average adult consumed 30 gallons of beer per person in 2009. John Hickenlooper, former Mayor of Denver, is co-founder of Downtown Denver’s popular Wynkoop Brewery. Now that’s getting things done politically!



Nowhere else can the beer aficionado celebrate as unabashedly than in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) boasts more beers on tap and represented breweries than anywhere else in the world (460 breweries, 2,200 beers). 50,000 attendees at this fall festival truly declare America as a “Beer Nation.”



Charlie Papazian, Founder and President of the American Homebrewer’s Association and the GABF (1982) has this to say about craft beers, “The easy part is enjoying it. The challenge is learning about how beer is made. The intricate processes and nuances differentiate a great beer from the rest.” Papazian embodies the spirit and philosophy underlying Colorado’s ascension to the top of the craft beer world.



Oh, and you get drunk faster in Denver, Colorado than in most other American cities due to the high altitude, so you can drink less and savor more of the bounty of delectable craft brews that call Colorado home. (Unless you’re not driving, then of course – knock yourself out!)

Author Jason Lancaster is president of Spork Marketing, a Denver SEO company. He enjoys beer and providing restaurant marketing services.


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