Hosting the Best BBQ: Tips and Tricks

The Best Ever BBQ

The Best Ever BBQ


People will come to your BBQ not just for the food, here are the key ingredients to a successful barbeque:



1. Food:

Whenever you’re planning anything you need to make sure you have enough food and a bit more to feed your crowd. There is nothing worse than running out of food at any dinner party you may have. Usually my favorite thing to do is to make some and order some to save you some time. BBQ catering in Sydney is typical; it’s not hard to find a place with good food – even if you’re not from around Sydney. You can go on ‘Google’ and find BBQ caterers close to where you live like BBQ At Your Place which has a bunch of options to choose from. Any BBQ caterers you go to make sure you take a good look through their menu, I noticed that Sydney BBQ caterers will give you the option of finger foods or on a per plate basis. Finger foods are always great; most websites will help you calculate how much you should order, try this calculator they can tell you to the hour. If you want you can order all your food and save all cooking hassle, and there I would recommend to do the per plate option that a lot of BBQ caterers have the option of – just like a wedding.


Make a decision on drinks, and keep them on the side, don’t keep them right beside the food to avoid major spills, it will happen!



2. Activities:

Whether you live by the lake or if you just have a backyard, know whose coming to your BBQ. People will want to be kept busy; badminton is a great idea if you don’t have a pool. This is really important if you have kids coming to your BBQ, they can get bored very quickly-Be ready! If you have a bit of space, throwing around a ball, or kicking one can easily get people entertained, especially if you make teams (girls versus boys is always fun).



3. Be prepared for all weather:

What happens if it rains? I really hope it doesn’t for your very first BBQ, but if it does have a Plan B, whether it is doing a rain check (If you’re ordering a BBQ caterer visit them online and check their cancellation policies, most BBQ catering firms as for example BBQ At Your Place ( will ahve them on their website) or if you have a house that will fit all your guests bring the party inside and enjoy the good food and company from there. (Checking the weather in advance helps, but don’t rely on it!)



4. Be organized and most importantly HAVE FUN!



By Julia Natanek – Business Enthusiast @

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