Is Baking Just For Girls?

Baking is NOT just for Girls

Baking has become a trend. The television is full of shows that focus on cooking and baking. In fact, programmes such as the Great British Bake Off give baking hobby status. Everyone wants to join in the fun – and not just girls. The world has evolved and these days we see more and more guys tying on those apron strings – figuratively speaking.

Something for the Guys

Gordon Ramsay. Jamie Oliver. Rick Stein. Heston Blumenthal. All of these celebrity chefs have become household names. What is it they all have in common? The answer? Their gender. They are all male – and cooking up a storm!

The Trend Does Not Remain Just In the Home

Many offices these days are sponsoring bake-offs for their employees. They bring the home into the office in the form of gourmet level pot luck dinners, it helps the employees bond. Try hosting a bake-off in your office, make it a charity event, requiring a ticket in order to sample each dish and charging a small amount for those tickets. Give the proceeds to a favourite charity. You can create categories: Best Chocolate Cake; Pies to Die For; or Best Original Creation. Keep the submissions anonymous and have everyone vote for their favourites.

How to Get Started.

It all starts with a well stocked kitchen. Not everyone can afford a gourmet style kitchen, but if you have the basic tools and equipment, you too can become a fabulous baker. Take an inventory of what you have and what you will need to have a proper, well-functioning kitchen. Sharpen those knives. Make sure all the utensils are accessible.

For your first attempt, pick a simple recipe. Scones, perhaps. What could be more delicious with a dollop of strawberry jam and clotted cream. My mouth is watering at the very thought!

As You Master One Recipe, Move On To A New Level.

Once you’ve mastered your scones, it’s time to graduate to the next level. Pick something more challenging each time. Browse through cook books and the Internet for recipes. Try something with meringue or maybe a full-sized cake. Try your hand at a Victoria Sponge Cake or a Chocolate Steamed Pudding. Remember, it’s crucial that your oven register the correct temperatures, especially when baking cakes or souffles. And don’t forget to take a picture of the end result, or document the entire process on film to post on your blog site.

Learning to Bake Traditional Favourites.

Think back to your favourite after school or holiday treats. Once you’ve mastered the basics, the sky is the limit! What a satisfying feeling it will be to step back and admire the results of your labours … to be able to say: “I did that.”

Baking Isn’t Just About Sweets.

There is a world of delights out there just waiting to be discovered! Try your hand at a pie. Start with something simple and work your way up. But remember: Pies are not always for dessert. There are some delicious meat and veggie pie recipes out there. Try a pastry or tart. A beef Wellington maybe? Don’t be afraid to experiment and expand your repertoire of baked masterpieces.

A Hobby Is for Sharing.

Baking is an area the family can enjoy together. Plan an afternoon tea and get the whole family involved. Make a list of the offerings you would like to see displayed on a pretty tiered tray. The children can browse recipes and even plan the menu. All children should learn to be self-sufficient, and that includes knowing how to cook and bake.

Proper table setting and placement is another area they can learn to master while young. Then everyone can sit down together and enjoy the fruits of their labours!

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