Tips For Caring For Your Appliances


Caring for your Appliances


It is important to take good care of your appliances so they last longer and run more efficiently.  If an appliance is running inefficiently it can use more power and you will find your electricity bills going through the roof.  Whether it is a large appliance like your Westinghouse fridge or a small sandwich press or toaster, you need to look after them.  Any faulty appliances can also potentially be dangerous and even start a house fire.  It is for this reason that all your household items need to be included in your contents insurance.


Clean them regularly


To keep your appliances running smoothly and to prolong their lifespan you need to clean them regularly.  Things like blenders or the sandwich press should be cleaned well after each use.  The toaster is an appliance that should be cleaned regularly as they very quickly become full of crumbs.  If you notice the smell of burnt toast, you are burning the same toast crumbs and are risking the toaster catching on fire.  Any small appliances that come in direct contact with food should be washed or wiped down after use but you need to take care not to immerse any electrical cords or elements directly in the water otherwise they may stop working or you could risk electrocution.


Check for loose wires


If your appliances are getting older, check them over to see whether there are any loose wires as this can be dangerous.  You don’t want your appliance causing an electrical surge within your home and causing the power to go out.


Are they overheating?


Another thing to look for is to check that your older appliances aren’t overheating as this is a sign that there is something wrong.  If you leave them they could result in sparks and the appliance causing a fire.  Appliances can overheat when they get blocked or the filters are full of dust or dirt.


Read the instructions


It is important to always read the instructions of any new appliance that you get, whether it is a dishwasher, a washing machine or fridge or even small appliances like a toaster or ice cream maker.  You need to know how to care for them, what to look for if they are starting to become worn or damaged and who to contact if you need to have your appliance repaired.  Some appliances may be easy to use and fairly self explanatory, such as a toaster, but it is still a good idea to read the instructions.  Some larger appliances with multiple functions can be quite tricky to use, such as washing machines, particularly those with LCD screens.  If you know how an appliance functions properly, then you will be more aware if something is wrong.


Empty filters


You need to empty filters of appliances regularly, such as the filter in your vacuum, the filter in the back of the dryer and any other appliance whether they collect lint, dirt or dust.  As well as keeping the appliance safe it will also make them work better if the filters aren’t blocked with rubbish.



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