Free Parmesan Potatoe Casserole recipe card

I grew up in the time when it was a family tradition to have family and friends over for a formal Sunday dinner. 

My cousins and I would go outdoors to play until the meal was ready.  While we were eating all the relatives would catch up with the family “gossip”.

This was one of my favorite meals to have.  Grandma made a big bowl of it and served it as the main course along with a salad.

Parmesan Potatoe Casserole

Parmesan Potatoes

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Creating Kitchen Memories

"A Collection Of Recipes Celebrating Cozy Meals From Days Gone By"

Are you finding the more years that go by, the closer you want to get to the 'Good Old Days?' Reminiscing about days-gone-by is something we do to stay connected, and many of these trips down Memory Lane lead straight to food.

Why does food bring on such wonderful warm fuzzy feelings?

Scientists would say that food, more specifically the aromas of food, go straight to the memory banks in our brain. Memories of home-cooked meals and times spent gathered around the table come flooding back to us; comforting, consoling, and nostalgic.

In these days of the drive-thru and prepackaged ready-to-eat food, it's hard to imagine our young people will have the same memories. That's a shame. And that's why I'm sharing this collection of old fashioned meals with you.

Meals should be served up in big bowls and plates, not cardboard boxes.

Meals should be remembered.

Meals should be celebrated.

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