Friday, September 14, 2023

Beautiful, Practical Ethical Christmas Gifts for Dedicated Foodies

As little as a couple of decades ago, British cuisine was still a laughing stock across the world. Millions of us were only just capable of over-cooking a piece of meat and turning the regulation two veg into charcoal.


Things couldn’t be more different today. In a dramatic cultural turnaround, these days we’re a nation of foodies: obsessive bakers and bread makers, cordon bleu cooks and dedicated amateur chefs. From aged four to a hundred and four, we’re glued to the Great British Bake Off, Masterchef, Come Dine With Me… the fine art of creating luscious food raises its head at every turn.



All of which is good news at Christmas, because it’s an excellent and thoughtful gift avenue to follow if there’s someone in your family who adores nothing better than dedicating their spare time to cooking. And it’s also fertile ground for ethical gifts, with a growing range of useful, beautiful, practical, ethically produced gadgets and kitchen equipment.



Here are some of the very best-in-class to treat the amateur chefs in your life this festive season.

Bambu ‘Give it a Rest’ Utensils

The Bambu collection includes an impressive 120+ products, all made from the miracle plant bamboo. Their set of six utensils is a beauty, combining intelligent design with the beauty of bamboo and a popular choice for every style of kitchen. The utensils are made in China by a co-operative, where the craftspeople who make them are involved in setting the prices. You’ll love the clever patented spoon rest, integral to the handle, which lets you put the utensils down without making a mess.



Each stylish designer-look utensil is created by hand from a single piece of bamboo, grown specially under 100% organic conditions. Bamboo is much stronger than ordinary wood, and it’s also stain and heat resistant so the perfect partner to non-stick cookware.



Bambu use water-based adhesives with no nasty formaldehyde. The utensils are carefully sanded by hand and finished with a food-safe oil made of natural vegetable oils and waxes. The company is dedicated to treating workers fairly, promoting healthy communities and preserving the environment. And the material itself, bamboo, is the very essence of sustainability: it’s the fastest growing plant on the planet, it’s amazingly renewable, thrives naturally, absorbs greenhouse gases and gives out 35% more life-giving oxygen than equivalent sized trees. Altogether a real ethical Christmas gifts winner!



More Funky Bambu Kitchen Treats

Bambu also makes gorgeous chopping boards and trays, lovely pale, classic picnic-ware, jewel-coloured woven baskets and stunning lacquer bowls made from hand-coiled bamboo.

Their lacquer bowls are hand shaped, and finished with a natural food-safe lacquer that comes from the cashew nut tree. As you’d expect they’re both beautiful andpractical. The lacquer is waterproof and very durable indeed, so you can use them to serve hot or cold dishes.

In three sizes – small, medium and large, they’re great for everyday use and special occasions: serving tasty salads and soups, fruit and cream, hot puddings… you name it. Mix and match a choice of delicious colours or buy a matching set, either way they’re the ideal ethical Christmas present for any dedicated lover of the culinary arts!

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