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Inexpensive Meals for a Shoestring Budget

Inexpensive Meals for a Shoestring Budget

Inexpensive Meals for a Shoestring Budget


Inexpensive Meals

Feeding your family on a tight budget doesn’t have to mean going hungry. Choose dinners that fill you up and cost less than $10.00 for the entire family. This is possible when you include vegetables and other inexpensive items available in most any grocery store. Making ends meet and stretching your dollars is possible and provides a way to ensure your family doesn’t go hungry. Since many families trying to meet basic expenses resort to Payday loans to pay their bills, you can make your limited cash go further by choosing inexpensive and easy methods of cooking.


Cabbage Stew
Cabbage fills you up quickly and is relatively inexpensive at less than 10 cents per pound. Fill a pot halfway with water and include some peeled carrots, onions, two cloves of garlic, potatoes, a vegetable bouillon cube for flavor, and a single bay leaf. Cut the cabbage into quarters and make sure the water completely covers the ingredients and boil your ingredients for one hour. When finished, you will have a tasty meal that can serve a family of four for less than $10.00.


Provided you can purchase butter, syrup and a basic pancake mix, you can serve pancakes for breakfast and fill your family’s bellies. Unlike waffles, pancakes only require a stove-top and a pan to make a delicious meal. Round out the meal with some fresh seasonal fruit with yogurt and you will have a complete breakfast that helps your family get the nutrients they need to get through the day.


Packages of pasta can be purchased for only a few dollars and boiled to create a filling and healthy meal. For a few cents more, you can purchase spinach or wheat pasta. Boil the pasta based on the package recommendations and then add parmesan cheese or toss in an inexpensive olive oil for additional flavor. Serve with a fresh made salad for a complete meal under $10.00.


Bread Products
For those on an extremely tight budget, bread products provide a way to feel full without eating a lot of food. Add bread products to any meal to create a satisfying meal that provides your family with carbohydrates to fuel them throughout the day. Choose whole grain breads and avoid bleached or refined breads to maintain minerals and nutrients.


Pizzas can be found in any grocery store and major pizza chains often offer large pizzas for around $10.00. Look for coupons and you may find that you can add on breadsticks or a side for free. Pizza provides several healthy ingredients, creates a tasty meal and makes it possible to fill up a hungry family due to the robust dough and toppings that you can add to the pizza.


Choose hearty and inexpensive soups complete with potatoes, meat or noodles. Soup can be purchased in family size containers and easily provides enough food for a small to mid-sized family. Follow the instructions on the soup can and add crackers to provide an extra element to help your family members fill up quickly. Soups have a tendency to have high levels of sodium, so look for brands with low sodium to help. There are also several varieties of soup starters, which allow you to provide soup that tastes homemade.


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Quick And Easy Menus On A Dime

Quick And Easy Menus On A Dime

Thursday, March 22, 2022

5 Quick Attitude Lifts


Attitude Lifts

Chocolate Can Lift Your Attitude

5 Quick Attitude Lifts


A good mood is like Thanksgiving dinner: hours to make and minutes to demolish. Luckily, more research in recent years has been given to the study of mood and how to influence it. Now more than ever we understand that there are simple actions we can take to change our bodies’ chemistry, thus improving mood and ultimately, attitude. Here are some quick and easy attitude adjusters you can use almost anywhere.



Find a Friend

There’s no way around it: loneliness is bad for you. It impacts your health in many of the same ways as obesity, smoking and high blood pressure, increasing stress hormones while decreasing cardiac and immune functions. Take a moment to feel connected to others: offer a compliment to a co-worker, ask a friend how their day was, or even spend five minutes petting your dog. These moments of connection offer immediate benefits to both mind and body.




However annoying all those forwarded emails from friends and coworkers may seem, they may actually be extending your life. A joyful smile releases a surge of beneficial chemicals in your body and makes you less likely to catch a cold, even if your stress or negative emotion levels are already high. Frequent positive emotions mean you will recover faster from a heart attack. So read that silly email, or look at a photo that reminds you of a happy memory. The resulting smile could turn your day around.



Reach Out and Touch Someone

Kissing a child’s boo-boo may seem like an empty gesture, but it actually works on a physical and emotional level, reducing pain perception and creating a sense that everything is going to be okay. Humans respond to touch on multiple levels, with measurable positive effects on the brain and body. Hugging floods you with oxytocin, a bonding hormone, and holding hands with someone you love reduces cortisol, a stress hormone. Sex boosts your immune system. Make time in your day for physical contact, and you will enjoy its perks now and for years to come.




J.K. Rowling knew what she was talking about when she wrote in Harry Potter that chocolate should be eaten after encountering Dementors. Daily life can be full of Dementors—stress, tight schedules, work and family demands—for which chocolate is an excellent remedy. Full of flavonoids and antioxidants, chocolate stimulate endorphin production and contains serotonin, a natural antidepressant.



Break a Sweat

How many times have you found yourself dragging after lunch, looking to the hours ahead and wondering how you will get through them? Fatigue saps away your energy, your outlook and your mind’s ability to function. There is a simple cure, however, and it may seem counter-intuitive: studies have shown that if you exercise while fatigued, it will actually boost your energy levels. Didn’t get enough sleep last night? Get up and go for a short walk outside. Take the stairs in your building to the highest floor and down again. Stand where you are and do a quick round of jumping jacks. It will improve your energy, your health, and your attitude.



Because attitude is like an outfit: so many to choose from and easy to change. Try one of these simple techniques, and choose to be your best self today.



Jenny Hart is a can do kind of girl. She forces herself to be positive and tackle everything from repairing iPhone software issues beating the boys at baseball!

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