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5 Apps for Food Junkies


5 Apps for Food Junkies


Are you a foodie? Then you know how hit and miss the entire process can be. For every great restaurant you find, there are five more that aren’t at all worth the trip or money. It can be frustrating, even with the reward of finding those rare eateries that are worth keeping on the favorites list.



But thanks to today’s mobile technology, you can take advantage of the many different apps that are aimed toward making your life a little bit easier. From seeing reviews from both common customers and foodies like yourself, to checking out information on obscure local businesses you might not have heard about otherwise, there are plenty to get you going in the right direction. Not to mention save you the irritation of choosing the wrong place.


These are five of the best out there for food junkies.

1. TVFoodMaps

5 Apps for Food Junkies

5 Apps for Food Junkies

Signing up for a free account with this app is well worth it. They take restaurants shown on TV stations such as the Travel Channel and gives you honest reviews and information about them. There are a ton from shows like Man VS Food, where you get an inside look at places that offer delicacies, local favorites and even eating challenges. You can manage lists to keep track of your favorite places or restaurants you want to visit, as well as plan for meals in cities when outside of your local area. However, it is only currently showing places in the US.



2. Chef’s Feed

5 Apps for Food Junkies

Chef's Feed

There is no one better for reviewing a restaurant than a chef. This app tells you the favorite local eats of some of the most famous names in the business, such as Adam Sobel and Amanda Cohen. You can also read the favorites of other foodies and contribute your own. They have videos made by the chefs, as well. There is only a small list of cities currently available, such as Seattle and LA. But more are coming, and you can request it for your local city, as well.



3. WhereToEatAt

5 Apps for Food Junkies

Where To Eat

A fun, edgy app, this one works by cutting down your choices by city. You put in your local area and they give you three picks per day. As they say, “Don’t bother asking for more”. This is not an app to tell you what each restaurant nearby gets as a rating, but rather sifts through them all and gives you the three best at a time. You get an address, a set of reviews and plenty of info on the place.



4. SceneTap

5 Apps for Food Junkies

Scene Tap

In the mood to go get a drink? This is an app that works by showing you local bars and giving you a look into the demographics and ratings of each. That includes the age, average gender and other applicable details that will help you work out where to go. It gives a great women to men ratio, as well.



5. Don’tEatAt

5 Apps for Food Junkies

Don't Eat At

Are you in New York? Then there are a ton of amazing places to get some grub. But there are even more places to avoid. Don’t fall into the trap of checking out those bad places. Avoid them with this app, that shows you where to stay away from. You can even get a text when you check in with Foursquare at a place that has a low health code rating or might pose a risk.




You don’t have to take a risk as a foodie. You can enjoy your passion in a fun, informed way using these excellent apps.



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